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It is usually a trend to research a bit about the brands before purchasing any home appliances. The research helps us to find out about various technology inbuilt in various appliances as well as the warranty and after-sales services. We usually prefer commodities of trustworthy brands as they have been successful in wining hearts of many users. Here are some of the brands of best vacuum cleaners in India including brief descriptions and their related links as follows:

Best Vacuum Cleaners Brands In India

Eureka Forbes

It is a consumer goods company specialized in producing vacuum cleaners and is based in Mumbai,India. It was founded in 1982 and is also a part of Shapoorji Pallonji Group. Apart from vacuum cleaners it produces water purification,air purification and home security solutions. It is a very trustworthy brand in the field of vacuum cleaners. As for now we consider vacuum cleaners to be a necessary home appliance. You can click on the below link to view some vacuum cleaners of Eureka Forbes.

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Black & Decker

Black & Decker is an American based company and a manufacturing unit of power tools, accessories, home appliances, and hardware. The company has its headquarters in Towson Maryland. It was founded in 1910 by S.Duncan Black and Alonzo.G. Decker. However on March 12th, 2010, Black and Decker have merged with Stanley. The vacuum cleaners of this brand are resistant, long lasting, stylish as well as durable. You can click on the below link to view some vacuum cleaners of Black & Decker.

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Karcher is a Germany based brand worldwide famous for its high-pressure floor cleaners, and various cleaning systems. It is also used to clean cars and outdoor cleaning. The headquarter is at Winnenden Germany with Hartmut Jenner as the Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Management Board of Karcher. In most parts of the world Karcher is another name for Vacuum Cleaners and even in India irrespective of its price, Karcher is loved for its durability and efficiency. You can click on the below link to view some vacuum cleaners of Karcher.

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It is the largest automobile parts manufacturing company measured in 2011. The headquarters of Bosch is at Gerlingen, near Stuttgart, Germany on November 15, 1886. Volkmar Denner is the CEO of the company. The core manufacturing products are automobile parts like brakes, fuel systems etc. The vacuum cleaners are assured of quality and efficiency. The Bosch vacuum cleaners are loved by the Indian customers because of its perfect stylish look and efficient usage. You can click on the below link to view some vacuum cleaners of Bosch.

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It is a Dutch Technology brand and has its headquarters in Amsterdam. It was founded on 15 May 1891 by Gerard Philips and
Frederik Philips.
This brand has focused on the field of electronics, lighting, and healthcare. It was the worlds largest manufacturer in the year 2013 revenues. In India Philips is like a mother brand for all electronics and lighting and we often don’t even care about the product specs by just looking at the brand. The vacuum cleaners of this brand is also a customer favorite. You can click on the below link to view some vacuum cleaners of Philips.

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Panasonic is a Japanese multinational company with its headquarter in Kadoma, Osaka, Japan and was introduced in March 13, 1918. It has manufacturing units in the field of Electronics, Home Appliances, and Semi-Conductors. Starting from rice cookers this industry just kept on growing and becoming an important brand of the market. The vacuum cleaners are not only durable and efficient but also a perfect appliance for average families functioning just as needed . You can click on the below link to view some vacuum cleaners of Panasonic .

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