Cleaning has been so easy since the introduction of robot vacuum cleaners in the market. These cleaners are now fully automatic in the sense that they are efficient, cordless and hands-free. Technology has evolved and gone are the days when the bulky vacuum cleaner had to be pushed around the house causing back pains more than anything else.

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Although there are several companies in the market manufacturing these robot vacuum cleaners, the most popular and affordable among them is Deebot, manufactured by Ecovacs. These Deebots are available in the market in the range of Rs.15,000 to Rs.22,000.

One interesting fact about these robot vacuum cleaners is that they use the same technology as used by the military while clearing fields of land mines. The idea is simple, these robots go around the house randomly, retracing themselves at every wall, bump or corner. These have sensors to detect dirt and to prevent them from falling off stairs or cliffs.

You also get a virtual wall device with these robot vacuum cleaners. These devices can be connected to the doors and these emit infrared. These infrared are detected by the robot cleaners when they approach the door and causes them to turn back in the other direction.

The robot vacuum cleaner is quite compact in size, in shape of a disc, quite unlike the robots we see in movies. It may not fancy kids but do their job very well. Its structure ensures that they can go under furniture such as sofas, beds and cabinets for cleaning, unlike the regular vacuum cleaners. The robot vacuum cleaner has fine brushes for cleaning carpets and rugs.

The filters keep it from sucking anything too big in size and jamming its system. It doesn’t even need your supervision to recharge itself. The docking station emits infrared beam that can be detected by the robot cleaner. It then goes back to its station and recharges itself to be all set for next cleaning session.

However, the robot vacuum cleaner doesn’t come without its limitations. You cannot run it over anything wet or sticky and a few pre-vacuum preparations are still required. You will have to remove things like toys and socks off the floor to avoid them being sucked in by the cleaner. Also, it cannot be used on thick shag pile type rugs as the feature is still under development.

All said and done, the comfort of using a robot vacuum cleaner is beyond par. Most of the models have just three buttons for choosing different cleaning modes.

No manual supervision is required any longer for cleaning the house. You can now multitask while your house is being cleaned. Robot vacuum cleaners really make cleaning easy and are surely a boon for working people, especially mothers who can now spend time with kids or pursue their hobbies instead of cleaning the house.

If you plan to buy a robotic vacuum cleaner, we’d recommend you go for Ecovac Deebot. We just love the design and performance that this vacuum cleaner provides. Tough you may find it a bit heavy on your pocket but when you look at the time and energy is can save, you’ll find it’s worth it.


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