Major difference between this coffee maker and others is that this one is pump driven for coffee delivery whereas the other are mostly steam driven for coffee delivery. This semi automatic coffee machine allows the user greater control in coffee building so they can make the coffee of their exact specification. 

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The overall build quality of this coffee machine is good. It will last long term use with ease. The only problem you can face is from the 16 amp pin. So finding a compatible socket can be somewhat difficult thereby hampering portability of this coffee machine.

It supports drip and espresso functions on single instrument and it still manages to maintain its smoothness and compactness. A point you’ll have to keep in mind is that you cannot switch the warm plate on/off manually.

The warm plate starts only if complete water from the tank is used up while making the drip coffee.


Major performance advantage of this machine is it is Pump-driven espresso machine delivering a pressure of 15bar whereas the other espresso machines in this price range are steam-driven espresso machines delivering a pressure between 1-3bar. The filter is also of stainless steel delivering good performance.

An espresso cup can be made really frothy if you set the coffee in the mesh correctly. The milk frothier function also works nicely. You will have to operate ti for some time to find that perfect frothing technique. The steam nozzle sometimes loses pressure a little after keeping the knob open for a while.


This coffee machine can make coffee suited entirely to your needs. It is recommended that you go through the user manual thoroughly to get complete knowledge about this product so that you fully understand it and you can use tis knowledge to your advantage.

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