This induction cooktop comes loaded with features. It has features which you thought not important but actually are in our day to day lives. This appliance has been designed keeping practicality, ease of use in mind and excels.  It offers you that kind of flexibility which is not possible in gas stoves and even in other induction cook tops.


The buttons are feather touch and work like charm. You never have to exert yourself while pressing them. The timer functionality is very useful, for e.g. you can set a bowl of rice on it for 10 minutes and the device automatically shuts down after that. This not only saves time but importantly saves the food from getting over cooked or worse getting burned.

It also has a keep warm feature so you leave the food on the cook top and eat it afterwards without worrying about food getting cold.

There is also a pause feature where you can stop the cooking, do some other work and then come back and resume cooking. This feature is important for dishes that require constant attention.


The 2000W motor works efficiently without any problem. Heating water, milk doesn’t take more than few minutes without increasing your electricity bill. Only thing you have to careful about is not to spill any food on the glass surface because then it sticks to the surface and is hard to remove.

Also avoid cleaning it immediately after cooking with water as the hot glass might crack. It has 7 preset menus to choose from so cooking popular dishes is never going to be a problem.


This induction cook top has so many innovative features that it will bowl you over. It will make you wonder why didn’t  you buy this induction cook top before and save yourself a lot of trouble and time.  It is a good one time investment which will fetch you good returns in the long run.

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