The prestige brand is synonymous with performance and high customer satisfaction. This product does exactly the same and is one of the best induction cooktops in Indian market. It’s long list of features and compatible utensils ensures that customers who buy this product are not disappointed with it.


It has a sleek design with button panels neatly laid out for the ease of the user. Operating it is very easy due to it’s easy functionality. Even if the user doesn’t understand something the user manual explains everything nicely so figuring out how to use it is never a problem. It is also low on weight which is an added bonus. It has a sturdy design with an anti-skid ring and no overheating errors. It has built in Indian menu so you can select various settings required for various dishes. All in all using this induction cooktop is one of the easiest things to do.


This device has a power consumption of 2000W meaning that you can do some heavy duty cooking like steaming vegetables in a 5L cooker. It is also very efficient as well. The cooling fan sometimes makes a sound though but that’s a very rare occurrence. Its cooking time is much less as compared to gas stoves. . You can also see the power consumption on the display panel so you can monitor the electricity consumption and save on your bills. The presence of an automatic start feature further prevents overcooking of food as you can select the starting time of the motor.


This is an appliance in which cooking is hassle free for the customer. Absence of a bowl provided alongside by the company is conspicuous but not missed due to its compatibility. The maintenance required on it is also very less as compared to its competitors.

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