This is one of those juicers that allows you to extract juice in bulk quantity. You can try getting juice in small amounts but bulk operation is where this juicer excels. It has all the ingredients to extract juice skilfully, efficiently. With this around getting fresh juice for your family everyday will never be a problem.


This stylish centrifugal juicer has a large mouth through which you can put whole fruits and vegetables. The trick is to put them whole and not cutting them into pieces because then it won’t be able to extract all the juice.  The sieve is of advanced design which does a good job of separating pulp from juice.

It has an interlocking mechanism which hold the extraction part in place while operation. The juice collector is also large so you don’t have to empty it from time to time to extract more juice.


This device has a 800W motor which is reason behind its superb performance. It is also very silent so you don’t have to worry about the noise. The steel blades do a fine job of cutting those large pieces of fruits, vegetables into manageable pieces and they remain sharp for a very long time.

It also has a thermal overload protection system which protects the motor from getting damaged. Cleaning it is also very easy as you can dismantle it without much effort but you have to clean it immediately after juicing so that the pulp gets removed easily. Cleaning with a tooth brush is also recommended for spotless cleaning of the appliance.

The build quality of the inner components is robust which reduces the chances of a problem greatly.


This juicer is built to serve the entire family and it does so with considerable ease. With this appliance around getting fresh juice will never be a problem and buying packed juice from the supermarket with preservatives which are high on cost and low on nutrition will become a thing of the past.

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