When we come home tired from work and need a glass of juice in an instant this appliance comes in place. It gives you fresh juice in an instant. This juicer will help you cut down on those artificial juice packs you get in the market which is good for your health and wallet. You can also make vegetable juices in it if you want to.


The first thing you notice about its inlet is its size. You can fit 3 apples in it without cutting them or any similar sized fruit for that matter. Just send them down the inlet and the juicer will do the rest for you.

It has a good heavy construction so it will last a long time. You can clean it very easily by dismantling its various parts thereby saving precious time and energy.

The recipe book and the user manual help the customer to get more bang for their buck. The de seeder is not present so sometimes even seeds get crushed and their taste added to the juice.


Now this juicer has a powerful motor with different modes 0 1 2. In mode 1,2 it works the fastest. But still you do not hear the motor as it is very silent. It is so powerful that you can get juice from apples, oranges etc in a matter of 15 seconds or maybe less.

The downside of this performance though is that it has got six parts on dismantling, cleaning which can be a very tiresome task. The filter makes sure that your juice is pulp and seed free.


This juicer has all the good qualities of a juicer. It does its job properly and fast. Cleaning and maintenance is not a problem. The only problem that you can face at times is mediocre service of after sales service but it is not missed as this juicer does give any problems in the first place.

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