This food processor with its long list of features will be able to meet all of your kitchen requirements and then some. It has so many features that you will have a hard time figuring out how to use it even with the help of the user manual. You’ll even plan dinners and events so that you get you use it at its full capacity.

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It has been provided with a variety of blades and jars according to different requirements like juicing, blending, slicing etc. As a result the juicer feature of this food processor is very good, it will work fine if you don’t cut the fruits & vegetables but if you do it will certainly speed things up for you.

Slicing functionality for vegetables and fruits is also good. The lock feature in the main body ensures that the jars and the blades inside them have been fixed properly. It not then the motor won’t start.


The 650W has 2 speed settings to choose from depending upon your requirements. The motor even though powerful produces a fair amount of noise which may be too much for babies. So its best to avoid using it near babies.

The only problem that may arise in its performance is with its blender feature. When you blend a fruit like apple in it, the first time everything gets stuck to the walls and stays there. You have to manually remove it and place it in the center and you have to do it repeatedly till the end.


Even though this food processor has a few negative qualities but they dwarf in front of its positive qualities. The after sales service is also good but you have to be patient with it sometimes but generally its quite prompt in addressing your issues.

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