Whenever you go to the market to buy a mixer grinder you are looking for something which pleases the eye due to its beauty and your mind as well due to its performance.  This mixer grinder satisfies those criteria with considerable ease.


The quality of this mixer grinder is superb. It requires very little amount of space in your kitchen. It does various types of grinding like wet grinding, dry grinding, chutney grinding. The jars provided are also high quality and easy to use with each jar having a specific function, small for dry grind and medium for wet grind.

Handing & maintaining it is also very easy so no problem there. It has an auto cut mode for safety reason for the protection of both user and the appliance.


The motor has enough power to perform daily tasks with ease. It is very soft and smooth as well so it doesn’t have much competition in this parameter.  The motor does make quite a bit of sound on the higher end but its still ok. The clamps on those stylish looking jars are absent so you’ll have to hold the lid down with your hand during heavy duty operations.

The edges are also quite sharp so be careful around children but it will become smooth after some amount of operation.


Its minimal and simplistic is easy on the eye and performs its duties properly at the same time. Many people might even find it cute thereby making it a good gift for your friends and family during festive seasons or other important occasions. Buying this appliance has brought a lot of joy to its customer over time and if you buy it then you will also be among the long list of happy customers.

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