This premium coffee maker will refresh you everyday with its high quality coffee filled with that aroma and exquisite that that can be found in the most expensive of restaurants in your home. In terms of design and performance it has no equal in the market.

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This coffee machine is made from sturdy, premium material that will last for years. You can use the integrated panel of this coffee maker to froth the milk as per your requirements. Since its compartments are easily accessible, you can refill the coffee powder as well as clean and empty the dip tray & filter quite easily.

It also has a steam nozzle which can be regulated as per use for superior quality coffee. It has a detachable tray which not only holds the cups but collects the coffee so that it doesn’t stain the floor or table by dripping from the nozzle or spilling of a cup.


This coffee maker has 1050 W power consumption And Features 15 bar pressure that offer efficient performance. With 15-bar pressure, it can efficiently grind the coffee beans, while keeping their aroma intact.

You can choose between ground coffee and Easy serving Espresso (E.S.E) pads according to your preference. This feature is not present in other coffee machines. The motor also has a warm function which ensures that you don’t drink cold coffee. The heating element is also concealed so that you don’t burn yourself while operating it and is also very efficient so it doesn’t use much electricity.

The filter also works superbly, giving you that rich texture of coffee with every sip.


This appliance will completely bowl you over. Even though it is expensive as compared to other coffee makers but once you buy it you’ll be glad that you did.Because of its premium price it is suited for serious coffee consumers and coffee connoisseurs.

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