This coffee maker has a clean and simple design that makes coffee making very easy and very elegant at the same time. It has the ability to make 6 cups at a time so you don’t have to worry about quantity.


It has a sturdy design which helps it last a long time. The filter provided in it is a funnel type on which ensures there is proper mixing of coffee and water. All the parts are detachable and are safe to be used in a dish washer.

The cord control inclusion saves you from the menace of dealing with long wires. Absence of timer function  is conspicuous but not missed.


Even though the motor has a power rating of 650W it hardly makes any sound unlike the motor of other coffee makers. It is also very efficient as well. It also automatically pauses the drip and resumes it when you place the mug back in its position.  But it is not advised though a coffee needs its full brewing cycle to acquire its taste.

It also keeps the mug hot until you’re ready to serve the coffee. This coffee maker is designed for grounded coffee which you get in the market, used by cafés and not the instant ones.

So it can brew you a fresh hot cup made from grounded coffee within a few minutes offering great taste and aroma. Its strong point is that it can offer consistency in all the cups that it makes even after refilling the grounded coffee.


This coffee maker offers great coffee having that taste, aroma and consistency which will please you immensely. It does that very nicely and still manages to keep its price low without compromising on build quality, a feat that other coffee makers have not been able to do.

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