On first glance this juicer may not look as powerful as other juicers but still it manages to perform equally. It thoroughly uses its small size to its full advantage and delivers. People who have bought it are impressed by its features and performance levels and they have nothing to complain about this juicer.

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It has a compact design so managing it is not difficult at all. Being compact in size, Panasonic MJ-68M Juicer Mixer Grinder JMG fits comfortably on your kitchen desk without consuming much space and delivers you perfect and hygienic result every time. It has a powerful safety clamp which holds the juice collector in place at all times no matter what. The 600ml collector is large enough for 2-3 glasses of juice. The feeder is large enough to put chunks of fruits but no large enough to put an entire fruit without cutting it.


It is a centrifugal juicer so it extracts all the juice from the fruit leaving dry pulp behind. It comes with a circuit breaker feature thereby promoting safe operation and saving the appliance from permanent damage as well. This Juicer has also Super efficient Stainless steel spinner and is attached with Safety Interlock as per IEC Standard.  Cleaning it is very easy due to very less moving parts. The high quality plastics and steel used in its construction ensures that this juicer can withstand heavy usage for a long time.


This appliance not only adds to the beauty of your kitchen but also works silently and efficiently to provide that experience which pleases its customers immensely.  The after sales service is also very good so you can expect your problem to be rectified within days.Overall this compact juicer gives a hassle free experience which is what consumers are looking for.

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