All the sandwich, waffle lovers know that they are best enjoyed crisp. This appliance apart from being able to cook crisp and tasty sandwiches can also make tasty waffles also. This feature is not present in other sandwich makers in the market so it stands out because of this. The ability to make waffles as well has become the USP of this device.


This sandwich maker has non-stick coated plates so that you food doesn’t stick to them and stays in its proper place. It has a Ready-To-Cook and Power in Neon Lights feature, which alert you regarding when to place the bread slices for toasting.

This appliance also has a fat drainage system ensuring grease free meals. Its compact design also allows you to store it in an upright position thereby storing considerable amount of space.


Even though this appliance has got a powerful electric motor of 800W and does a good job of baking grilling you have to keep a few things in mind to get good results and not spoil the device.

The bread to be used must be fresh, the one almost reaching its expiry date breaks off in chucks as it has lost its freshness. You must put little oil or butter on the plates of the toaster before using it as it helps to grill or toast crisp.

The plates must not be cleaned with iron sponge as  the Teflon coating is lost that way, try to clean with sponge with liquid detergent so that dirt comes out easily.


With all the plus points listed above its hard not to be impressed by it. Its superb quality also ensures that you don’t face any problem. Even if you do don’t worry, you have 2yrs guarantee of damaged parts replacement thereby giving you a good value for your money.

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