This small innocuous looking appliance may not be able to make an impression in first glance but once you give it a chance you will be greatly impressed by what it can do at such a small price. You will be amazed as to how it is able to do such a good job despite such a low price.

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 This device boasts of non stick surfaces so that food doesn’t stick to it. It also has the feature Ready-To-Cook and Power in Neon Lights feature like other models of Morphy Richards which tell the user when to place bread for cooking.

The maintenance and storing of this appliance is also easy due to its compact size. Usage of knives or any other sharp object is also discouraged so as to protect paint and non stick coating of the appliance.


After placing the bread the lid closes nicely providing a tight fit so that the bread inside gets cooked properly. The bread is cooked evenly from both sides for superior result.

To increase longevity it is advised to clean the surfaces immediately after uses with a wet sponge otherwise the food might stick strongly to the plates and then taking it off would be risking the non stick coat of the plates.

It also has a pre heat function where you can heat the plates for a minute or so before placing something on them. This as a result saves time in toasting. The red/green light can sometimes go on/off but that is if you use it improperly


The cons of this appliance are over shadowed by its pros perhaps the biggest being its cost. At this price range this is one of the best sandwich makers that you’ll find offering these kinds of features. Customers who have bought this device agree with it and are happy with their choice. All this is possible due to the innovations made in this sandwich maker.

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