This revolutionary cleaner offers cutting edge technology to its users. This is artificial intelligence at its best for household cleaning. This cleaner will help you replace your domestic help with its round the clock assistance.

It is smart enough to decide how much cleaning is required for different surfaces so as to minimize power usage and maximize productivity.

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This cleaner has a circular shape with the control panel at the top along with a display screen showing all that you need to know about its current settings and system status. It has a rechargeable battery which further grants its autonomy.

One special feature about this cleaner is that it scans its surrounding environment and helps it navigate.


Its suction from the motor can be regulated depending upon requirements. It has a UV light bulb which kills all the bacteria .It has 3 types of cleaning modes to ensure proper cleaning.

It uses bounced back infrared waves to move ahead and in the absence of which it does not move forward. This detection ability happens with the help of mining detection algorithms used by the military. It can also be programmed what time it should start cleaning the house everyday according to your convenience.

It can also go under sofa, bed without much effort which is not possible even manually. Its dust bag can also hold large amounts of dirt in it. When its battery charge is low it automatically goes back to its charging station for a recharge.


This cleaner is the first one to offer many revolutionary technologies to household consumers. This intelligent device has changed the way in which we clean our homes tremendously. Cleaning was never so easy but now it is.

So based on what it has to offer and what we have to pay in return this is the most innovative vacuums available in the market today.

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