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It is one of the few Industrial strength vacuum cleaners available at household prices. Since it is a german company you can be assured about quality and performance.

On the downside since it is not manufactured in India and sold here through dealers and franchises, the customer support can be very problematic at times. Even though it has limited accessories it’s still able to do a perfectly fine job of cleaning.


Even though it is large and bulky, moving it around is not a problem thanks to its ergonomic design and lightweight materials used in it. Its long hose further facilitates easy operation.

Even though it has a long power cable and its storage facility inside the body, the absence of rewinding mechanism is conspicuous. Its small range of accessories somewhat restrict it’s abilities as an industrial strength vacuum cleaner.


Even though it has a powerful motor capable of sucking all the different types of dirt, it makes a lot of sound doing so. It also heats up quickly while on a non-stop cleaning spree.

The paper dust bag can hold a large quantity of dirt in it but it gets worn out quickly and needs to be replaced. Since the vacuum cleaner is imported as a whole by dealers, the paper bags are not easily available and even if they are they cost a small fortune. The customer support is also poor in our country so fixing any performance based issues is quite cumbersome.


This is a very capable vacuum cleaner that performs its duty very well. It has a fantastic build quality which is an added bonus. Even though its customer support is not as good as other brands it still manages to win over hearts with its sheer brilliance. If handled wisely even that won’t be a problem.

So in all this is a very dependable product which can bring a smile to your face.

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