Whenever we undertake renovations at home, there is always the risk of running over budget or over schedule. There are several complications that may crop up unexpectedly and set you back in your work.

Again, a lot of these unforeseen situations can be avoided if we pay attention to the finer details right from the beginning and plan our work right. Here are a few issues that you must plan about before undertaking renovations –

10 things to consider before starting the renovation work (Home Renovation Tips):

Home Renovation Tip #1: Prepare a budget

Planning out a budget right at the beginning is of utmost importance before starting work. Whether you are getting a loan or spending yourself, knowing your spending limits helps when you go shopping for your kitchen or bathroom accessories. You may also get lucky with a finance solution if you manage to get your budget approved.

Home Renovation Tip #2: Be aware of council regulations

Contact your council before starting work. Get to know of all regulations and apply for the necessary permissions wherever required. For example – you may need to follow strict council regulations if your home is listed as heritage.

Home Renovation Tip #3: Finding a tradesperson

Do your research before hiring a tradesperson. You may look for references among your friends and family for a trustworthy person. It is important to hire a licensed tradesman as only then can you get the warranties on the products installed. At the end of the day you must be comfortable in communicating with your hired tradesperson.

If you find such a person, hire him in advance as they are booked for months in advance.

Home Renovation Tip #4: Know your start and completion dates

Like your budget, you must also plan your schedule after consultation with your tradesman. Realistic work estimates and schedules are important to make for timely finish. If you want the work finished by a certain date then make it abundantly clear to your tradesperson at the start.

However, as you cannot control all unforeseen problems that may halt your work, be prepared for them and account for them in your estimate.

Home Renovation Tip #5: Selecting Products

You may not get the right tiles for your kitchen floor in your first trip to the market. Take your time to choose the right products for your home. These should suit your style and be practically suitable at the same time. Once you have zeroed in on a theme (modern, heritage, easy living, etc.) it becomes easy to choose the right products.

You may take help from design books or online catalogues to find your pick. The size of the rooms should be kept in mind and all measurements should be taken accurately for best fittings. Flipkart’s Online Home and Kitchen store provide great collection of products which you can choose from.

Taking your tradesperson into confidence about your product selection is also important. He may have certain practical suggestions that need to be taken into consideration. This way you can avoid any extra rework at a later stage.

Home Renovation Tip #6: Prepare plans

Plan elaborately before starting. Draw up plans for your kitchen and bathroom and discuss the same with your tradesperson. The two of you need to work in perfect coordination in terms of product choice and installation as the kind of work to be done depends on the product that you choose.

For example a particular type of wall curtain may need a particular kind of wall fitting setup. Your tradesperson may get help in his work from the product specifications.

Home Renovation Tip #7: Purchasing products

Timely delivery of products is important while your work is in progress. Some commonly used products such as taps and toilet-ware may be readily available while others such as spas and vanity units need to be made to order and may take longer time to be delivered. Often these custom made products are non-refundable so you must confirm the style and make with your tradesperson in advance.

The tradesperson can give you the list of items that will be required first. Example – shower base, bath or spa and mixers are a few items required first.

Home Renovation Tip #8: As an owner builder, what should I purchase myself?

All main products for your kitchen, bathroom and laundry need to be purchased by you if you are the owner builder. This way you can be sure of making all the important decisions yourself and achieving the desired result.

While placing order you must pay attention to things like handle types on vanity units and pump positions of your spa. Making these decisions yourself becomes important as only then you can ensure desired results. Your tradesperson may take care of smaller fittings for plumbing.

Home Renovation Tip #9: What services are available near my home?

It is important to ask this question as your designs and product will differ depending on the facilities available. For example – whether to get gas or electric appliances may depend on your home’s distance from the city or the particular service centre. Speak with your tradesperson if you want to switch from electric to gas appliances.

This will help you determine which choice will be more cost effective in the long run. While building a new home, decide before hand on the kind of appliances that you want to fit as the plumbing will have to be roughed in accordingly.

Home Renovation Tip #10: What sort of Hot Water Unit/Gyezer do I need?

There is a huge variety of hot water units available in the market and it could be difficult to choose the correct one for your home. Speaking with your tradesperson may make your choice easier if you are replacing an existing unit. The instantaneous heating units are quite popular currently however, they require a larger gas line.

Switching to instantaneous may require extensive plumbing changes which can be costly. However, instantaneous units are more cost effective in the long run.

You may find these points a bit obvious but you must not make the mistake of overlooking the obvious. Get all your basics right so that you are pleased with your efforts at the end of it all.

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