Best Hand Blender Brands in India 2018

Hand blenders are utility home appliances and are required for blending purposes be it making dosa batter, idly batter or even juices,smoothies,shakes etc this summer. It becomes difficult however to make the correct choice over so many brands and each promising product quality .Here are some of the brands of  best hand blenders in India including brief descriptions and their related links as follows:

Best Hand Blenders Brands


Wonderchef is a brand of home appliance built for health and wellbeing by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and Mr Ravi Saxena .The Wonderchef is a perfect blend of care and technology used in the field of home appliances. It was founded in 2009 and are used in millions of homes who thinks cooking is a mode of sharing happiness all across the family.The Wonderchef hand-blenders are just perfect for our requirement and runs smoothly without any issues. You can click  on the below link to view some hand blenders of Wonderchef.

View all Wonderchef  Hand-Blenders>>


Orpat Group is based in Gujarat and is engaged in manufacturing of well diversified products with its R&D group who are engaged in all innovations and implementations. This group was started by  SHRI ODHAVJIBHAI R. PATEL with a small team and has now become an important part of Indian Market with about more than 3000 human capital.The home appliances of Orpat are assured with quality and durability. The hand blenders of Orpat are the best sellers and are being used by more than thousand households.You can click  on the below link to view some hand blenders of Orpat.

View all Orpat Hand Blenders>>


It is a Dutch Technology brand and has its headquarters in Amsterdam. It was founded in 15 May 1891 by Gerard Philips and Frederik Philips. This brand  has focused in the field of electronics,lighting and healthcare. It was the worlds largest manufacturer in the year 2013 revenues. In India Philips is like a mother brand for all electronics and lighting and we often don’t even care about the product specs by just looking at the brand. You can click  on the below link to view some hand blenders of Philips.


View all Philips Hand Blenders>>

Maharaja Whiteline 

The Maharaja Whiteline was founded in 1976 and is a leader in innovation. The Maharaja Whiteline is a leader in building mixer grinders,juicers, food processors,air coolers etc. They are the main producers of home and kitchen appliances and garments etc.The blenders are one of the best selling products of Maharaja Whiteline. The quality of the blender is perfect and is an important part of the kitchen for daily needs.You can click  on the below link to view some hand blenders of Maharaja Whiteline.

View all Maharaja Hand Blenders>>

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