One of the flagship models of Eureka Forbes, the Trendy steel vacuum cleaner has been in the forefront of cleaning for decades. It has been one of the best vacuum cleaners for decades, some of us even had it’s earlier versions at home so relating to it can be pretty easy.

It’s ergonomic and stylish design takes the bar even higher. It’s high list of accessories can do almost all types of job required around the house.


Even though it’s is larger than some of the other cleaners and has a boxy design, it has been designed to be moved around without applying much effort. The plastic used in the body is top notch but some would so it could have been higher.

Buttons are located at the rear end and can be operated by hand as well as foot. It has a retractable power cord feature using a spring mechanism so you don’t have to wind the cord manually.


Performance wise this cleaner has no equal. It has a powerful motor which can suck up any kind of dirt you throw at it. Presence of blower feature means that you can always clean those hard to reach spots by first blowing the dust off them then sucking it in.

One prominent point about the retractable cord feature is that after prolonged usage of the cleaner please retract the cord immediately while the coil used in the retracting mechanism is still hot(due to the usage) because one it cools down retracting the power cord will be impossible and then you will have to get it replaced by calling customer support.

Even while retracting if the cord is not retracted properly it can create problems.


This product overall is a good package due to it’s performance and design. It’s price looks quite reasonable when you consider it’s long list of features features. So all those of you who need performance cleaning just go and buy this vacuum cleaner.

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