This is a small, stylish vacuum cleaner is high on design with a trendy colour combination. It’s small size is a boon where space is restricted for storing. A long hose helps in cleaning without having to manoeuvre the vacuum cleaner around the house.

Moreover it’s so handy that you can clean dirt around the house without much effort. The extra accessories further eases your job of cleaning. It’s finish and feel could have been improved a bit further though.


Now this high on style cleaner is not so great when it comes to cleaning performance. Even though it has a decent motor with a good power output, it is only suitable for small time cleaning like a desk, top of a shelf etc as it is not powerful enough to suck those heavy dirt particles and those cement particles which you find sometimes in the house.

Even if it does it will not be able to pick up all the dirt, some of the residual dirt will be left behind. It’s dust bag is quite adequate so you won’t have to empty it at regular intervals. If you try cleaning the whole house full of dirt with it chances are it’s motor can get overheated from time to time so you’ll have to pause a lot.

Lack of a blower function also means that cleaning dirt from crevices, tight spot can become an issue even with it’s crevice nozzle. Noise can sometimes be an issue if you are cleaning for a prolonged period of time.


This vacuum cleaner may have some issues but overall so find a better deal of style and performance at this price. It is great for average time use which can come quite handy at times and it’s for times like these that I would recommend this product.

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