Best Juicer Brands in India 2019

Juicers are the necessary home appliances for all those who are health conscious or are having growing children who need a lot of vitamins, minerals, etc. There are two kinds of juicers: Soft Juicers Hard juicers Hence, one should be careful before purchasing the juicers as all juicers might not match your requirements and are [...]

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Best Juicers in India for 2019

Hello Guys! Buying the best juicer for your everyday juice consumption for your home can be a mind-boggling task especially when you have no prior experience doing so and have your hard earned money at stake. With 100s of juicer models in the market today to choose from across various juicer brands, finding the best [...]

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Philips HR2771 0.5-Litre 25-Watt Citrus Press Review

Philips HR2771 0.5-Litre 25-Watt Citrus Press is a very handy appliance for someone who is fond of the fresh pulpy juice without seeds also getting mixed. This comes handy for daily need where juicing has become a way of life. Introduction Philips HR2771 0.5-Litre 25-Watt Citrus Press is currently a best seller in this category [...]

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Morphy Richards Juice Plus Juicer Review

This juicer combines good looks, performance and practicality to provide to a great juicing experience which will make you keep asking for more. The great juicer from morphy Richards have met with such an overwhelming response from users that its stocks have cleared out from stores much faster than the company predicted. Body The compact, [...]

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Philips HR1858 Juicer (Black) Review

When we come home tired from work and need a glass of juice in an instant this appliance comes in place. It gives you fresh juice in an instant. This juicer will help you cut down on those artificial juice packs you get in the market which is good for your health and wallet. You [...]

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Prestige PCJ 4.0 Juicer Review

This is one of those juicers that allows you to extract juice in bulk quantity. You can try getting juice in small amounts but bulk operation is where this juicer excels. It has all the ingredients to extract juice skilfully, efficiently. With this around getting fresh juice for your family everyday will never be a [...]

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Panasonic MJ-68M Juicer Review

On first glance this juicer may not look as powerful as other juicers but still it manages to perform equally. It thoroughly uses its small size to its full advantage and delivers. People who have bought it are impressed by its features and performance levels and they have nothing to complain about this juicer. Body [...]

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Philips HR1855/70 700W Juicer Review

  The moment you first lay your eyes on this juicer you fall in love with it. It has that irresistible charm which holds you and doesn’t let you go. Its performance is also very impressive. The quality is ever lasting. This appliance won’t give you any trouble even after years of heavy usage. Body [...]

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