The invention of a carpet cleaning machine followed soon after the invention of the carpet. Chicago saw the designing and testing of the first carper cleaning machine in the 1860s. However, H.Cecil Booth, an Englishman invented the first power operated vacuum machine in the early 1900s.

James Murray Spangler came up with his own version of a top vacuum cleaner around the same time as H. Cecil Booth’s invention. However, Spangler sold it to his cousin Hoover and Hoover as we all know has become a prominent name in the vacuum cleaning machine business and is a household name in the western world today.

For housewives, the vacuum cleaner can be considered to be a blessing in disguise and their weekly task to keep the house clean has been taken over by this machine. Modern technology inventors have designed vacuum cleaners that are not just capable of sucking dust and dirt but also are wet-cleaners that can steam carpets and kill germs.

Carpets, that cover the floors of houses big or small and keep people’s feet warm in winter, accumulate dirt and dust quickly. Earlier, people had to sweep their floors and the carpets, however, with the invention of vacuum cleaner, much less effort is needed to detract dirt and dust from the carpets. Carpets were also being used by business, apartments and corporations which needed much more frequent cleaning, so the invention of the commercial carpet cleaners followed suit.

A vacuum cleaner typically operated using a pump system. The air within the hose is sucked by the pumping device while the hose sucks up all the dirt and dust from in front of its opening. The filters inside the vacuum cleaner collect all the dirt and dust which can be easily detached to dispose the dirt.

Today, seven different types of vacuum cleaners are available in the market that can be seen in varying styles, sizes and voltage/power potentials. The seven main types are –

  1. the upright vacuum cleaner
  2. the canister vacuum cleaner
  3. the back-pack style vacuum cleaner
  4. the robotic vacuum cleaner
  5. the hand held vacuum cleaner
  6. the wet/dry vacuum cleaner
  7. the built-in vacuum cleaner

However, the most significant development in the carpet cleaning machine history has been the invention of the cyclone carpet cleaner. The cyclone carpet cleaner collects the dirt and dust in a large cylindrical container. This cleaner operates through a central air force and a number of filters. The dirt and dust is filtered into stages by the filters. This enables the air being sucked up into the cylinder to be cleansed and re-released into the air through a central outlet.

Another relatively new invention is that of robotic vacuum cleaners. These machines do not require any man power while cleaning the carpets. Using a simple mechanism of sensors that sense dirt spots, a robotic vacuum cleaner can easily navigate its way around the floor of an apartment or office, detecting and cleaning the minutest spots. These robotic vacuum cleaners return to their docking stations for re-charging after finishing the current task.

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