5 Best Non-Electric (Gravity) Water Purifiers in India for 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Drinking clean water comes with a lot of health benefits. In India, it is quite challenging to find a clean water source. This poses great health risks to a large portion of the population. Lucky enough, you can always ensure that the water you take is safe by purchasing the best non-electric (gravity based) water [...]

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5 Refrigerators Under ₹15,000 in India

We are all following a certain budget to keep up with our daily living. To understand the basic necessities in the kitchen, keeping fresh food in the table is a priority. So having the good refrigerator as an added appliance is a must. It is important to have cool water and good food during these [...]


5 Refrigerators Under ₹30,000 in India

Getting a good refrigerator that makes your money worth for it needs some researching. Of course, your choice should still depend on what your needs are. This list of refrigerators under ₹30,000 are not just smart or intelligent refrigerators but they also have unique features that might be the one you are looking for. Also [...]


10 Best LED TVs in India for 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Flashy TV at the electronic stores are center point of attraction. With so many new technologies being introduced, consumer look for some guides to help them narrow their search. Three utmost factor that influence the decision is technology, size and money.  We have reviewed and compiled best LED Tvs in India to help make a [...]

10 Best Air Conditioners in India for 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

While the air conditioner is a great appliance to have for any household in India, it is responsible for a large chunk of the electricity bill of the household. If you are not comfortable with spending a tidy sum just to clear your energy bill, you might have to seek out alternative energy efficient varieties [...]

10 Best Microwave Ovens In India for 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Buying the best microwave oven for your daily cooking can be a difficult & tiring task specially when you are doing it for the first time and have your hard earned money at stake. With 100s of microwave oven models to choose from, finding the microwave oven that suits your everyday cooking requirements can be [...]


Review of IFB Washing Machine Brand and It’s Top Models

Taking your time to invest in a high-quality machine comes with several benefits.  The best washing machines are not only efficient, but they can also serve you for years without worrying about expensive maintenance. Most washing machines manufactured by IFB are reviewed as the best in the market with the ability to wash your clothes professionally [...]

Review of Bosch Washing Machine Brand and It’s Top Models

Purchasing a washing machine is a long-term investment. It is crucial that you do prior research before buying any product. Generally, the best brands tend to cost more compared to other brands in the market. Among the biggest washing machine brands is Bosch. The brand manufactures advanced washing machines, creating a big impression not only [...]

Review of Haier Washing Machine Brand and It’s Top Models

The Haier Group manufactures a wide range of home appliances ranging from refrigerators, air conditioners, dishwashers and washing machines. Haier washing machines are designed to provide high-speed spins across full range. Most of these washing machines share the same features with other brands. Nevertheless, the manufacturer has strived to ensure that their washing machines have [...]

4 Best Solar Inverters in India for 2019 – Reviews

The solar inverter can play an essential role in maximizing your solar energy system production. Finding the best solar inverter is always important, just like the solar panels you choose. If you have a simple roof, a standard ring inverter can be a good option. With a simple roof, it means that roof should face [...]


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