Review of Samsung Washing Machine Brand and It’s Top Models

The Samsung brand is mostly known for its unique, high-quality phones that also come with amazing features. But the manufacturer is also not left behind when it comes to washing machines. If you are thinking of getting a Samsung machine but are still not sure of the option to go for, read on our Samsung [...]

Review of Livepure Water Purifier Brand and its Top Models

Livepure is one of the fastest growing brands in the water purifier industry. The company is known for producing high quality air purifiers and water purifiers.  Livepure appliances can be used at home and for commercial purposes. The water purifiers offered by the manufacturer have advanced features that make them stand out from the rest [...]

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Review of LG Water Purifier Brand and Its Top Models

LG is one of the few home appliance companies that have been around for ages. The company now offers a wide range of unique, quality, and affordable water purifiers. LG water purifiers have an attractive design and they also offer hygienic storage. The water purifiers are designed specifically for the Indian market. Some of these [...]

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Review of Havells Water Purifier Brand and its Top Models

Havells is among the most popular and fastest-growing appliance manufacturer in India. The company launched its first lot of water purifiers back in 2017. With the number of pollutants increasing every day, water quality is also worsening. This poses a greater threat to a large percentage of the population, causing both life-threatening diseases and minor [...]

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Review of Kent Water Purifier Brand and It’s Top Models

Kent is widely known for the quality of their home appliances and healthcare products. Currently, Kent water purifiers are gaining more popularity in the Indian market. They are one of the most trusted and reputable water purifier manufacturers in India. The manufacturer sells water purifiers with advanced features, like save water technology, double purification and [...]

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10 Best Kitchen Chimneys In India for 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Over the years, this appliance has been making some noise and is slowly becoming a kitchen essential. From lots of models and chimney brands available in the market, you might find it difficult to find just the best chimney for your kitchen. Exhaust fans are superseded by these chimneys, as this does not only draw [...]


10 Best Washing Machines in India for 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Laundry work is both time-consuming and stressful. It is no fun task. And time is money. With the advent of innovative technology, you shouldn’t be wasting valuable time washing your clothes. Leave that for the best washing machines. Talking about the best washing machines, knowing the right one for you can be challenging. There are [...]

10 Best Water Purifiers in India for 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Water is life. Without water, your well-being would suffer. Unfortunately, it is not every water source that is safe to drink. Reminiscing an old poem that captures the current situation: Water! Water! Everywhere! But none to drink! This explains why the best water purifiers cannot possibly be ignored. Having them would safeguard your health and [...]

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Review of Whirlpool Washing Machine Brand and Its Top Models

Whirlpool is a common name with electronic appliances. The manufacturer offers everything that you may need to make your life easy and comfortable. From kitchen appliances to best washing machines, Whirlpool has it all. The brand has been in operation for more than 100 years, which means that the quality of their washing machines is [...]

Review of LG Washing Machine Brand and Its Top Models

Washing clothes by hand can be a long and tiresome process.  The alternative to this involving task is purchasing the best washing machine in the market. When it comes to washing machine brands, there are plenty of options that you can choose from. Among the top brands that are known to produce high-quality products is [...]

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