After a long day at work you come home and see a layer of dust on your furniture and the domestic help hasn’t come that day. Sounds like a nightmare but with this small peppy vacuum cleaner with you can clean your furniture in an instant.

The 14 accessories only make you job easier and effective.


It’s size is perhaps it’s biggest USP. Weight is also another added benefit so you can clean up pretty fast without being too tired thanks to it’s small size. It’s long power cord further improves this functionality by not having to worry about range while cleaning.

The garbage collector can be easily detachable facilitating easy removal of dirt which is necessary considering it’s small size as compared to other vacuum cleaners.


It’s strong & powerful motor provides great suction power as well so you can clean all the places with it. It has a blower feature as well so cleaning those tight spots and crevices is no longer a worry.

It’s 3 stage filtration system ensures no speck of dust is left out. While doing odd jobs you may not have any problem but while cleaning the house in a single session the filter gets clogged easily requiring proper cleaning from time to time.

On limitation is even though it’s motor coupled with sweeper attachment is quite competent it is not effective in cleaning every inch of the house. It’s heating up after repeated use may slow down the cleaning process.


This vacuum cleaner may not have the specifications of much larger vacuum cleaners in the market but it still manages to do comparable job. It’s quite easy to handle so you can enjoy hassle free cleaning.

It’s ability to clean places such as a garage, small outdoor areas, reasonable price make this a very tempting package overall.

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