When you get up in the morning you want your breakfast ready in a jiffy. Saving time here would allow you to divert you energy else for something constructive. This sandwich maker helps you to achieve that goal. It makes sandwiches for you as per your requirements and does give you any problem.


This sandwich maker has multi-plates with two slots. The non-stick coating on the plates of this unit prevents grilled food items from sticking to it. There is also a lid lock that seals this sandwich maker while it is in use to prevent any mishap.

It also comes with multiple interchangeable plates. Users can easily clean this unit by a damp cloth to keep it hygienic. There is a ready-to-cook indicator light in this appliance for notifying users when it is ready.

Even during operation, the outer body of this sandwich maker remains cool owing to its cool touch exterior feature. It is also light weight so portability is not an issue. 


This sandwich maker has a 750W power rating which is the reason behind its performance. It also has a thermostat control feature which allows for settings depending on requirements. It also has a power indicator and a temperature indicator.

The thermostat also has an auto shutoff feature which protects the motor from getting damaged due to an overload. The durability of the motor is also good. It will last you many years without giving you any problem.


With this sandwich maker in your kitchen you can be sure of saving a lot of time everyday without compromising your nutrition or that of your family.  It has been designed for people who live the fast life, the ones who cannot devote much of their precious time making sandwiches. The sales support is also good so fixing any problem also won’t take much of your time.

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