Best Thermometer in India

Even though the thermometer is an essential item in our medical kit, most of us tend to buy just any about any thermometer without paying heed to a myriad of factors. These include convenience, accuracy, response time, units of measurement, and safety.

But you don’t have to worry, as here in this post, we’ve rounded up the top five best thermometers in India, so scroll down and have a look.

5 Best Thermometer in India – Reviews

Based on the efficiency, accuracy, and speed, below are the five best thermometers popularly sold in India nationwide.

1. Dr. Trust Clinical Digital Forehead Thermometer

Dr. Trust Clinical Digital Forehead Thermometer

Powered with the advanced technology of Sensor Probe, Dr. Trust’s forehead thermometer is safe and easy to use. With this forehead thermometer, you can obtain the precise reading in just one second. It has a stylish user-friendly design and has 2AAA batteries.


  • Beep Sound Alarms
  • Excellent Performance and High Accuracy Ensured
  • Switch Easily Between Fahrenheit and Celsius

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2. Agaro DT-555 Digital Thermometer

Agaro DT-555 Digital Thermometer

Agaro is an international brand that is committed to offering the finest selection of health devices. This digital thermometer present safe and accurate temperature reading, that is easy to use. If you are considering an affordable thermometer that provides precise readings with basic features, then this thermometer is a value for money buy.


  • Measurement Accuracy: +/- 0.2 Degree
  • For Oral, Underarm and Rectal Use
  • Memory & Beeper

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3. Rossmax TG380 Flexi Tip Thermometer

 Rossmax TG380 Flexi Tip Thermometer

This is an advanced thermometer that has sophisticated calibration functions and safe to use for different parts of the body. The tip of this best thermometer is flexible and can be used for both new-born and pregnant women as well. Made out of the finished quality matte, this is a waterproof thermometer.


  • Waterproof and Flexible Tip
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Fever Alarm

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4. Omron MC 246 Digital Thermometer

Omron MC 246 Digital Thermometer

Water-resistant with buzzer feature, this digital thermometer is convenient to use. You can measure the temperature by placing the thermometer under the underarm, rectal, and oral. This thermometer comes with the auto-off function, and offer a one-year warranty post-purchase.


  • For Oral, Rectal and Underarm Temperature Measurement
  • Measurement Accuracy: â±0.1 Degree Celsius
  • Auto Off Function

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5. Dr. Morepen Digiclassic Hard Tip Thermometer

Dr. Morepen Digiclassic MT101 Hardtip Thermometer

100% Mercury-free, this dual scale thermometer ensures high precision and the readings are easy to note. This digital thermometer is unbreakable and has an auto cut-off & beeper alert feature.


  • Mercury-Free
  • High Precision and Easy to Read
  • Auto Switch Off and Beeper Alert

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Best Thermometer Buying Guide and Tips

So, whether you are upgrading your old thermometer or the previous one isn’t giving the right readings, today, we’ll thoroughly guide you with deciding on the best thermometer that you can trust.


The first factor you got to mull over when shopping for the thermometer is how convenient is the device to use? Ideally, it is the best thermometer that is easy to handle and deliver the temperature readings clear and loud.


It is an all-important facet when choosing a thermometer is the accuracy to provide precise readings. So, go with one that is scientifically tested and proven to deliver accurate readings.

Best Thermometer

Response Time

Gone are those days when you need to place the thermometer under the armpit for minutes to obtain the reading, nowadays the thermometer is advanced and super-fast. It is of paramount importance that you must opt for a digital thermometer that delivers the right temperature readings in a fraction of a second.


As we all know that the mercury glass thermometers are hazardous to human health, therefore, to be on the safer side, pick 100% mercury thermometer or a thermometer carefully placed within the plastic case that is sturdy and safe to use.

If you adhere to the above-mentioned factors, you’ll need to buy the best digital thermometer that is durable, safe, and deliver accurate readings.


If you or anyone in your family is ill, having a fever, the thing you need to do is to measure the temperature with a thermometer. To do this, it is nest to pick any of the above-mentioned digital thermometers and consult the doctor if the temperature doesn’t drop even after a few hours of rest or generic medications.

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