To this day, I can’t sleep in total darkness – that childhood fear of monsters has persisted well into my adulting days. If you’re anything like me, you need the security of a bedside lamp or a night light before you can snooze peacefully. That and the fact that they are now available in some wonderfully quirky designs have made shopping for night lamps a fun experience that I look forward to.

It’s vital that night lamps are soft and soothing and promote sound sleep in the bedroom. Make sure to avoid bright, harsh colors like blue light – it will keep you awake longer, and you are going to be tired and cranky the next day. What you need is a soothing lamp that provides enough light to be aware of your surroundings in the dark, but not so bright as to disturb sleep.

Here are five restful night lamps that you can use in your bedroom. They also have aesthetic appeal and help lend a charming vibe to your personal spaces. Take a look below!

1. Quace LED Moon Lamp

This lovely lamp is designed to look like the moon and will emit a soft glow when the lights are off. The lamp is created using innovative 3D printing technology and poly-lactic acid material. PLA is an environment-friendly and non-toxic plastic used as ink in 3D printing. Here it has been expertly crafted to lend authenticity and replicate the moon’s surface and all its dents and craters. Talk about attention to detail! This moon lamp also has a matte finish on the outer surface, so the light it emits is neither too dark nor too bright.

The lamp offers two levels of brightness – a cool white lumens of 6000K and a warm white lumens of 3000K. You can use the inbuilt touch control settings to switch the color ambiance according to your preference. The package also includes a USB charging cable for this rechargeable lamp. It takes 3 hours to reach full charge, and it lasts 12 hours on low brightness, and 4 hours on a complete brightness setting. The aesthetic appeal of this gorgeous lamp makes it suitable not just for the bedroom but also as a decorative piece for your living room, or study.

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2. Himalayan Pink Rock Salt Lamp

Himalayan pink salt has been gaining attention for its possible health benefits, and lamps made of pink rock salt are quite popular today. Not to mention, they make a stunning statement piece for your home decor. For authentic Himalayan pink rock salt lamps, the salt is sourced from Khewra salt mines at the foothills of the Himalayas in Pakistan. These lamps work on the theory that salt crystal lamps boost wellness and keep the surrounding air clean, healthy, energetic, and naturally ionized. Now that you’re all caught up let’s talk about this particular piece. It is hand-carved by artisans using Himalayan rock salt that is 250 million years old.

It weighs between 4-5 kgs and is ideal for large bedrooms up to 12 sq meters in size. A cord and two 25-watt Philips bulbs are included in the package. The pink Himalayan rock salt makes the lamp emit soft pink and orange hues – a beautiful effect caused by the inherent concentration of minerals in the salt. The soft light makes this lamp ideal for use even outside the bedroom – in meditation rooms, living rooms, and office spaces. It is also available in smaller sizes for smaller bedrooms and cozier living spaces.

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3. Romantic Night Sky Projector Lamp

This romantic night lamp adds a soothing vibe to your bedroom at night. Designed to mimic a starry night sky, the projector lamp floods your room with moonlight, stars, and a crescent moon. You can drift off to dreamland feeling as if you are sleeping in the open, under the sky with twinkling stars shining above you. The lamp works perfectly for kids’ bedrooms, especially if your children are afraid of the dark. It also familiarizes them with knowledge of the universe and astronomy. As for adults, the lamp is equally useful for setting a romantic mood in the bedroom to surprise your beloved.

There are four led bulbs inside the lamp which emit different color lights such as blue, green, red, and warm white. The light emitted is soft and cozy, not harsh or dazzling. Turn your bedroom into a beautiful galaxy with the 360-degree panoramic projection and enjoy a restful night’s sleep. Kids especially will enjoy the effect created on the walls and the ceiling by vivid green, red, blue, and white stars twinkling and swirling all around. The white dome is removable – keep it on for dim lighting when sleeping, or take it off for the clear starry light display, according to your preference.

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4. Designer Auto Sensor Lamp With Flowers

If you’re looking for a lamp that is not merely functional but also a conversation starter, look no further. This mushroom lamp designed with attractive red flowers emits sufficient light so you can walk around in the dark quite safely, without injuring yourself. But the good thing is that it is still soft enough not to disturb or distract others who may be sleeping. This lamp makes that midnight run to the kitchen for snacks really easy and comfortable. The ergonomic design plugs in effortlessly and enhances the charm of your room decor.

The best feature of this night light is an inbuilt automatic sensor that is activated automatically when it gets dark in the room. It also turns off on its own when you’re using regular lighting. You can get up for water or go to the washroom without having to reach for the light switch. The lamp also glows in different colors that you can change as you like. The modern design is quirky and sure to fetch you a host of compliments from your guests. Better yet, you can gift this lamp to your friends or family and impress them with how functional yet beautiful it is.

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5. Star Shaped Marquee Night Light

This star-shaped night light is the perfect pick-me-up after a particularly dreadful day. It is cheery, beautiful, and sure to make you and your guests smile whenever it is lit up. In fact, you can use it as more than just a night light – turn it on during birthdays and festivals (like Christmas and Diwali) and spread the cheer all around.

This merry lamp shines with 11 LED bulbs that emit warm white light. The glow adds character to the cozy ambiance you want in your living spaces. When not lit up, it also looks great as a piece of room decor on the mantel or by the window. Or you can display it on a wall with the integrated hanging hook holes.

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That was my round-up of the best soothing night lamps that are perfect for the bedroom. Take a look at these and get shopping!

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