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Winter is here and the days are getting smaller, accompanied by chilly winds in the evenings. One of the most desirable appliance in such weather is a room heater. Room Heaters are available online; however it becomes difficult to choose the best room heater online.

That’s why we’ve done all the efforts to compile this comprehensive review for you. We have made it easy to navigate by dividing the article into two parts. The first part is where we listed down the five best room heaters in the market which are available online in India. The second part is where all the pertinent information when it comes to buying the best room heaters can be found.

5 Best Room Heaters in India – Reviews

1. Orpat OEH-1260 2000-Watt Element Heater (Grey)

Orpat OEH-1260 2000-Watt Element Heater (Grey)

This stylish room heater is also of Orpat. This efficient room heater is just perfect for your home. It is compact and very stylish avialbe at a very low cost. When comes to power consumption, unlike the rest it saves electricity and saves your bill. It’s recommended for all purposes.

Built & Design

Orpat OEH-1260 2000-Watt Element Heater (Grey) includes a fan and can also be used as a fan . There are two settings like 1000 W to 2000 W for power. The room heater includes cool touch and automatic shut off in case of power fluctuations. There are safety taken for this product. This room heater includes a variable thermostat.


Orpat OEH-1260 2000-Watt Element Heater (Grey) is a great room heater and also compact and easily portable. The best part about this room heater is that it can be used as a fan if the heater is not required. The product is really cute and perfect for a small room . It easily heats up quickly and makes the room comfortable.


  1. It is small and compact
  2. It is light weighed
  3. Very efficient
  4. Perfect body quality
  5. It is known as all in one appliance.
  6. Budget Friendly


  1. There is a Noise sometimes.

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Note:- Do not use the room heater in a closed room it is dangerous as the amount of carbon monoxide exceeds.

2. Usha QH 3002 Quartz Room Heater

Usha QH 3002 Quartz Room Heater

It is a product of Usha and is very famous for its brand involved. It is sleek and stylish and is capable of heating the room throughout. This stylish and best selling appliance is a must have as it keeps you and your family warm at the winters. Its very easy to use and is a durable product of Usha.

Built & Design

Usha QH 3002 Quartz Room Heater is a product of reputed brand Usha which has built trust over years. This room heater consists of a safety tip switch which is pressed it it tilts or falls and thereby automatically shuts down the home appliance. There is a powder coating on the body which helps in reducing corrosion. The Usha QH 3002 Quartz Room Heater has been designed in such a manner that there is low power consumption. It also includes a years warranty on the product.


Usha QH 3002 Quartz Room Heater is an efficient room heater with high performance and the features inbuilt make it an efficient room heater. There is all safety measures in this heaters so that there is no damage . The heater is capable of heating about room area of 200 sq feet. This is a very budget friendly room heater  whose quality is not compromised.


  1. Budget Friendly
  2. The heating element is ceramic
  3. Efficient product
  4. Safe and Compact
  5. It efficiently heats up the room in minutes.


  1. The room cools quickly

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3. Orpat ORH-1410 1000 Watt Radiant Heater

Orpat ORH-1410 1000 Watt Radiant Heater

This room heater is very stylish and compact and the best part is , it uses less power as compared to the others. It’s still the fourth best selling product because of its efficiency. It is the cheapest of all. Its recommended for families in hill stations as one can make a ring and hang cloths surrounding the appliance to dry them.

Built & Design

Orpat ORH-1410 1000 Watt Radiant Heater is a room heater designed in such a manner that it doesn’t fall or slip by any chance. It is an international erogonomic heater. The grill is plated with nickel chrome and bright nickel chrome reflector. The product includes a warranty for a year and there is also a radiant heater.


Orpat ORH-1410 1000 Watt Radiant Heater is totally perfect for 10*10 room or 15*15 room capacity.The efficient room heater heats up the room and makes you feel comfortable and is therefore really helpful.


  1. Small and Compact
  2. Working condition
  3. There is light when it is powered on
  4. Safe but still need to maintain distance for kids


  1. Noise in the room.

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4. Orpat OEH-1250 2000-Watt Element Heater (White)

Orpat OEH-1250 2000-Watt Element Heater (White)

This room heater of Orpat is also a high selling room heater. It is white in colour and slightly different in design from the other one. It is budget friendly and also very compact. This small piece of utility saves a lot of electric consumption and hence you can save enough for your next smartphone.

Built & Design

Orpat OEH-1250 2000-Watt Element Heater (White) is perfect for the purpose of a small /medium room. The device has a 15A plug and not the 5A plug so you need to get an extension for three pin plug. In this room heater if there is any voltage fluctuation the product shuts off to prevent any damage in the form of a fuse. Apart from these, there is the cool touch body and other specific features required in this case.


Orpat OEH-1250 2000-Watt Element Heater (White) is a high performing room heater and is just perfect for small rooms however make sure to keep a single window opened so as to reduce suffocation. The Orpat OEH-1250 2000-Watt Element Heater (White) is not only for cold weather but is also useful if there is a small baby at your home. The room heater retains the heat for some time which means that the heater doesn’t need to run all time of the day.


  1. Heats room of size about 10*10 sq feet in 45 minutes.
  2. Cool touch
  3. Very efficient
  4. Has Auto shut-off in case of voltage fluctuations.


  1. Noisy at times.

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5. Orpat OEH-1220 2000-Watt Element Heater (White)

Orpat OEH-1220 2000-Watt Element Heater (White)

This room heater is the best seller available online as it clears all the basic requirements. Orpat is a reputed brand and also comes with a warranty on this appliance. It’s going to be your true friend in the long run especially if you stay in the hilly regions.

Built & Design

Orpat OEH-1220 2000-Watt Element Heater (White)is a room heater for small/ medium sized room and requires a 15A plug socket so you can use an extension converter 5-15 A. The Orpat OEH-1220 2000-Watt Element Heater (White) comes with two heating settings such as 1000 watts and 2000 watts. There is also thermal cut off and safety cut off features that ensure the long life and safety of the appliance. The heating element of the room heater is moreover very long lasting.


Orpat OEH-1220 2000-Watt Element Heater (White) is a perfect room heater for your room with respect to the safety budget as well as performance. The room heater can be a perfect friend of yours this winter. The heating element heats up quickly and heats the room also. This is a very efficient room heater and is totally worth the amount.


  1. Great Functioning of the appliance.
  2. Less weight and Compact with the great build quality
  3. Low Noise
  4. 1 Year warranty on the product
  5. Efficient


  1. Not sufficient for large rooms.

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Types of Room Heaters

1. Convection Heaters

Convection Heaters are the heaters that work by the help of a fan that circulates the hot air. This kind of heaters can be used as fans in summers and proves to be a utility.

The Convection Heaters is advantageous as it is able to spread the heat around a lot more space. The Air around the coil, wires, and ceramic plates get heated up as they get heated. This hot air is then distributed across the room.

These heaters are very efficient as the warm air stays for quite some time even after turning off. It just takes some time to heat up the room and can run for several hours during winter.

2. Radiant Heaters

These heaters use Infrared technology in which the electricity is passed through a quartz tube or filament directly to the object around. It doesn’t heat the air around and is quite efficient.

Radiant Heaters work well with one or two persons as the heat is directly passed however once the appliance is turned off the heat disappears as the air around is not hot it is because of infrared technology.

3. Oil Filled Heaters

Oil Filled Heaters are the most efficient heaters present as the heat retains for a long time. By the name itself suggest that these heaters run by oil however oil consists of the heating element which is heated. The oil, in turn, becomes hot and thereby heats the reservoir.

This way the air gets heated up and can heat the big rooms for a long time and these are therefore the costliest heaters as they use oil to heat up the surrounding air.

Best Room Heater Buying Guide

There are certain factors to be remembered before purchasing the room heaters online:

1. Budget Friendly

It should not cost like a refrigerator or a washing machine. We usually prefer it to be around 5000 INR and not more than that. Hence this appliance doesn’t cost much and can easily take care of us at the winters.

2. Compact and Power Cable

It should be of low weight and compact size and can fit in any corner of the house. A small heater is usually preferred for household purposes. The Power Cable should be long enough as it is convenient.

3. Efficiency

It should be efficient and should not be a waste of money. The room heaters should be capable of keeping the room warm and comfortable at winters.

4. Power Consumption

The power consumption of the appliance should not be very high as the electricity bill might give you an attack. Now there are two ranges if the heater ranges at 1000W it will have a 5 amp Plug however if the heater’s power ranges from 1500-2000W it has a 15 amps plug. Here is the problem as most of the Indian households don’t have a socket for 15 amps plug.

5. Auto on-off

There should be a mechanism which turns off the heater if it overheats or if the protective grill by any chance comes in contact with anybody. There is a little chance if you have lizards, cockroaches etc.

6. Protective Handgrip

Winters are almost knocking the door so you might need to move the heater from living room to study room or kitchen which can be done by holding the cool handgrip or else it might be difficult for you.

7. Perfect Heater for your Room

There is a simple calculation to keep in mind to select the best room heater suitable for your room:

Room Area = 10 feet * 15 feet = 150 Sq feet. That means you need a room heater of 1500 Watt [ Room Area * 10]

Therefore choose a room heater with power = 1500 W

Now let’s go through frequently asked questions regarding room heaters in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which brand to trust for room heaters ? Shall I go for Orient?

All room heaters with 1000 W power requirement are efficient and are more effective . You can definitely go for Orient , however, all other brands like Usha , Bajaj and Havells are also well performing . All you need to do initially is calculate the area of the room where you will use it.

2. Which room heater should i go for if I prefer an Oil based heater where the area of the room is (16*14*12 ) feet?

You should definitely go for Orient OF1302F 2900-Watt 13 Fin Oil Filled Radiator with Fan. This is an efficient piece and can successfully warm or heat your room. There is positive reviews about this product from the users.

3. What are the room heaters with 5A plug ?

All the room heaters with 1000W power require 5A plug whereas the room heaters with more than 1000 W require power cable of 15A. If you require a 5A socket you should go for the room heaters with power 1000W.

4. If the room is not enclosed will that impact the room heater?

It is not recommended to close the rooms as the closed rooms might lead to more formation of carbon monoxide which is very dangerous.

However, air usually heats up and escapes which is due to the pressure. The increase in pressure due to a closed room will also increase the electricity usage. It is better to keep a window open so that air can escape easily when heated up.

5. Best room heater under Rs 2000?

All room heaters have different specifications however the best heater under Rs 2000/ is the Bajaj Blow Hot 2000-Watt Room Heater which is perfect to heat a room of area about 120 sq feet. It has positive reviews from about 100s of happy customers.

 You also have other options like:

Room Heaters Buying Tips

There are certain things you should keep in mind when choosing your desired air fryer:

1. Safety

Overload Safety – This is a very important factor that should be considered before purchasing any appliance that runs in electricity as they should not face overload problems in the circuit.

Safe for children- Another very important factor is safety for children as usually if you have a growing     child in your house the radiation from the room heater will affect the growth of the children. The other thing is the infrared heaters are dangerous as they turn red when heats up and might burn fingers if touched which is too risky if there is an infant at the house.

2. Room Space

This is the most vital point as most of us think that the product is faulty whereas we ignore the fact that the product might not be suitable for the type of room we need to use.

3. Price

Another important factor to be considered is the price. We all prefer the product to be within our budget as along with the requirement our budget is also something that needs to be considered. There are certain products which are not only affordable but also efficient.

4. Time taken to warm the room

If the room area is considered with the power of the heater then  the next thing that is to be considered is the total time taken to warm or heat the room. It is always preferred that the room is heated up when you are back from cold  and hence fan heaters and radiant heaters are best for this category whereas in case of oil filled heaters it takes time to heat up the oil.

5. Noise levels

Who wants to sleep in Noise, no-one isn’t it ? There are certain heaters that makes much noise and it becomes really painful to tolerate that buzzing noise. The blow fan heaters usually make noise and the radiation type or the oil filled ones are the ones which dont make noise. There is also noise in ceramic heaters as they heat up.

6. Portability

The room heaters are appliances that need to be portable so that they can be transferred from one place to another may be next room . There are certain room heaters that can be carried with you to a trip specially blow fan heaters. However, usually such appliances are heavy and might be restricted to be traveled with .

7. Oxygen Levels and Humidity

This is an important factor if you have a new born baby at home as usually oil filled heaters and radiation heaters burns oxygen to heat up . The blow fan heaters forces air to heat up the air to heat the room. It is advised to keep a bucket filled with water at the corner of the room. This prevents the loss of humidity from the air . In order to avoid nausea or dry nose its better to use an oil filled heater as it doesn’t reduce the humidity.

Room Heaters Technology – How Does it Work???

The room heaters come with various technologies depending upon their types. The room heaters are of various types such as blow fan heater, radiation and oil filled and so their technologies are also different. The following video explains the technology behind the infrared heater.

In infrared heater, heat is directly passed to the human body and therefore is much more fast and effective. The heat instead of travelling from the heater through the surrounding air travels directly to the body.

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