Washing is important, and Modern-day India is changing how she carries out the age-long practice. In most nuclear families, everyone is putting in work to ensure food remains on the table. This has relegated chores such as doing the laundry to the background. Best front loading washing machines are a great saviour and many modern Indian household are adapting to the new age of technology advancement.

Front Load Washing Machine

With time being of the essence, Indian households are seeking viable options to tackle their laundry requirement without jeopardizing their money spinner.

Families in India are not only concerned about their ‘take home’. But they are also dazzled by the washing machine choices before them and the different factors (like time crunch and space availability) they need to consider.

With what is on sale on the Indian market, anyone would be worried about making the wrong purchase. This piece consists of a review of the best front loading washing machines and some tips to ensure you end up with a good deal.

Let’s cut straight to the chase by breezing into the review proper.

5 Best Front Load Washing Machines in India – Reviews

As good as front load washing machines are propped up to be, picking the best front load washing machine can be elusive. Bad apples exist everywhere including appliances of this kind.

As several products abound, deciphering between the downright crappy and the spectacular, can be as tricky as judging a book by its cover – it never achieves the desired result.

Here, we will look at 5 of the most outstanding front load washing machines on the market. Let get started.

1. IFB 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Load Washing Machine

IFB 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Load Washing Machine

A lot of attributes make this washing machine stand out. With its 6kg load capacity, the Diva Aqua SX ensures most nuclear families can focus on what is important.

Using the IFB unit provides you with the opportunity to add clothes while the machine is in operation. Below are some of its specifications.


  • 6kg load capacity
  • 800 rpm spin speed
  • Auto balance system
  • 2D wash system
  • Ball valve technology
  • 15 washing programs
  • Child lock


  • Quiet operation
  • Affordable for a front load washing machine
  • Stainless steel drum improves the durability of the unit
  • Decent wash quality


  • Lacking in temperature control
  • No timer or display available

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2. Bosch 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Load Washing Machine

Bosch 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Load Washing Machine

German technology is revered in the industry, but Bosch is even more respected for their standard, and this product lives up to their standard. Its 7kg load capacity would be compatible with modestlysized households.

A spin speed of 1200 rpm is impressive for a unit of this kind. The mix of different smart functions makes it ideal for customers looking to embrace the full potential of a front load washing machine.


  • 7kg load capacity
  • 1200 rpm spin speed
  • Reload function Anti-vibration technology
  • Monsoon program Ecosilence drive motor
  • Activewater technology
  • Foam detection technology
  • VarioDrum
  • WaterPlus
  • VoltCheck
  • Unbalanced load detection LED display
  • Multiple water protection Child lock


  • Low noise level
  • Water saving appliance
  • Helpful washing programs
  • Energy Saver
  • Noiseless operation


  • Longer washing hours
  • Design Flaw

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3. Samsung 6 kg with Digital Inverter Technology and Fully Automatic Front Load WashingMachine with In-built Heater

Samsung 6 kg with Digital Inverter Technology and Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine with In-built Heater

Being a global brand, Samsung offers products in different categories with each assessed on the spot by consumers. This washing unit from the South Korean company is targeted at nuclear families as indicated by its 6kg load capacity.

Drying time promises to be shorter as this washing machine has a spin speed of 1000 rpm.


  • 6 kg load capacity 1000 rpm spin speed
  • Aqua stop
  • Ceramic heater
  • Diamond drum


  • Excels at washing and rinsing
  • Low noise level
  • Inverter technology
  • Easy to use
  • Quality product


  • The dial has no marker
  • The LED display is below par
  • Require water at a significant pressure
  • Installation is tough

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4. LG 6 kg Inverter Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine with In-built Heater

LG 6 kg Inverter Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine with In-built Heater

Seeing a washing machine that uses a direct drive motor usually implies it is an expensive unit, but fortunately, that’s not the case with this LG model. It is reasonably affordable even for a front load washing machine.

Also, its stainless steel drum says a lot about the durability of the product.


  • 6kg load capacity
  • 1000 rpm spin speed
  • Direct drive technology
  • Smart Diagnosis
  • Inverter control
  • In-built heater (60°C max)
  • Touch panel
  • Child lock
  • Auto restart


  • Noiseless operation
  • Quality wash
  • Smart washing unit
  • Affordable washing machine
  • Durable


  • Noisy and vibrates when loaded with more clothes
  • Clothes can’t be loaded mid-cycle
  • Installation is a nightmare

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5. IFB 6.5 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine with In-built Heater

IFB 6.5 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine with In-built Heater

Referred to as the Senorita Aqua SX, this washing machine feels like an ‘over- pampered’ product with its bulging 100 washing programs and 7 segments LED display.

While it offers washing programs compatible with different fabrics and levels of stains, the pricy nature of this washing unit might be overbearing for many.


  • 6.5kg load capacity
  • 7 segment LED display
  • 100 Wash programs
  • Aqua energy filter 3-dimensional wash system
  • Crescent moon drum
  • Foam control system
  • Auto imbalance system


  • Quality wash
  • Soften water
  • Energy Saver
  • Covers a wide array of fabrics


  • Design Flaws Longer wash time
  • Noisy and vibrates

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With the review of best front load washing machines completed, it is time to digest some information on this category of washing machines.

Front Load Washing Machines; All You Need to Know

Front Load Washing Machine

Washing machines can be categorized into fully automatic and semi-automatic units with front load washing machines belonging to the former.

Besides the front load variant, the fully automatic washing machines also consist of the top load washing machines.

The front load washing machines can be loaded with clothes through the opening in front.

Typical attributes of the front load washing machine

The front load washing machine has many attributes that make it unique besides the way it’s loaded. These attributes include:

Compact size

As you must have noticed, most front load washing machines are sort of cubical in nature. While this has the advantage of fitting into tight corners like below the sink, they are required to be stationary, and you have to bend to load them.

Also, their weight doesn’t commensurate to their size as they are quite heavy despite their stunted build.


Front load washing machines require a serious installation process. Compared to the top load variety, this can be a harrowing task. You might want to keep that in mind when purchasing one.


Front load washing machines are the best category of washing machines if you are looking to save energy and water. Their mode of operation delivers quality wash with very little water.

Depending on the wanting program and the model of the unit, you’d save more on your energy bills when you use a front load, unlike the top load.

More washing programs

Every washing machine has wash programs to ease the nature of the process.
While the semi-automatic machine has the least number of wash programs, the fully automatic, through the front load variant, has the most programs with as much as a 100 wash programs.

This ensures the front loaders are capable of washing more fabrics and are adept at handling tougher stains.


While semi-automatic washing machines are affordable, fully automatic washing machines, through the front loader, are at the top of the ladder. And it is unsurprising as front loaders are considered the best category of washing machines.

Factors to consider when picking a front load washing machine

Front Load Washing Machine


Before you buy any product you’re expected to assess your capacity, and this applies to when you need to purchase a front load washing machine.

Unfortunately, they can be quite expensive but if you look at different models, like the ones considered in this review, you will find something that matches your budget.


While front load washing machines appear compact, they are heavy and need to be stationary, so you have to consider the ‘sacrificial’ space when buying one.

This is down to the installation process of this washing machine category. Installation constraint and water pressure

Perhaps the biggest uphill phase of owning a front load washing machine is the rigorous nature of the installation process.

Besides the sedentary nature of the model, water pressure to the machine has to be high if it is to function flawlessly.

Most manufacturers don’t seem to pay attention to this aspect as they offer shoddy after-sales service using servicemen that are more interested in selling accessories and products than assisting the customer.

Apparently, you might have to seek third-party support, and this adds to the cost of the process.

With these tips, it is time to say goodbye.


Front load washing machines are the top echelons of the entire category product category – washing machines.

They are durable, require less effort but can be a bit expensive too. You don’t want to make the wrong choice when buying one. We believe this review will assist you greatly in making a reasonable decision.

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