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Electronic lockers are very important nowadays as everyday reports of thefts are filled in various cities. It’s very common that there are gold and emergency cash in your home and you keep on worrying about losing them even at holidays.

Well here is a way out!

However, in this case, there is a savior appliance that can keep you tension free and you don’t even need to rush to banks and stand in queues for lockers. We have brought down the list of exclusive lockers for you in this post which you can purchase online.

This review is split into two sections: the first one tackling the five best electronic lockers in India, while the second one discusses on some buying guide and tips, as well as some commonly asked questions in the market. A bonus part with a video demo on how it works is also included!

5 Best Electronic Lockers in India

Following are some of the best Electronic Lockers online in India:

Godrej Access Electronic Safe (SEEC9060)1. Godrej Access Electronic Safe (SEEC9060)

Godrej Access Electronic Safe (SEEC9060) is the best selling electronic safe and the reason is that it comes with all the basic features required in a safe like LED display screen, memory to remember even if the battery is taken out, bolts of solid steel, and also a technology to protect you in case of forgot password. This is the most recommended safe and is perfect for average Indian families.

Built & Design

Godrej Access Electronic Safe (SEEC9060) is a strong and compact locker with a total capacity of 8 liters and weighs about 5 kg of mild steel with dimensions of 200*300*200 respectively. It is protected by a 3 to 6 digit password and a master password for better working of the safe/locker. There are 2 motorized shooting bolts for the locking of the safe. There are many convenience features such as nonvolatile memory enhanced battery life as well as interior carpet.


Godrej Access Electronic Safe (SEEC9060) is the best selling electronic safe/locker and also budget friendly so you don’t need to spend a fortune in securing the hard earned money of yours. This locker is the highest selling safe/locker online and has enough capacity to hold all your possessions.


  1. Light Weighed
  2. Mechanical Override available
  3. Budget-friendly


  1. No proper manual
  2. The hinge rusts sometimes.
  3. The outer sheet is not good built.

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Godrej Goldilocks Personal Safe (2.2 Liters)2. Godrej Goldilocks Personal Safe (2.2 Liters)

Godrej Goldilocks Personal Safe (2.2 Liters) is a perfect personal safe which can be carried from one place to another even while you are traveling. It has a touch screen and safety is not compromised anyhow such that an alarm starts automatically if someone tries to carry it away or break into it. All the personal utility things like keys or cheque-books, jewelry as well as cash can be organized here.

Built & Design

Godrej Goldilocks Personal Safe (2.2 Liters) is a smarter electronic safe/locker with multiple usages and comes with the alarm facility which starts when the safe is touched or carried away or if tried to break through. This safe/locker is portable i.e it can be carried from one room to another or even traveled with. There is a 9 Volt battery inbuilt in the electronic safe/locker. The illuminated digits help to operate the safe/locker even in dark through the smart touch panel.


Godrej Goldilocks Personal Safe (2.2 Liters) is a high performing electronic safe/locker and introduced with all latest technology. The safe looks trendy and the best part is that it can be carried from one place to another or even traveled with. The safe is light weighed and hence can easily fit in your suitcase or luggage while traveling.


  1. Easy to carry i.e portable
  2. The touch screen is smooth
  3. The safe runs by a 9V battery
  4. It is a sleek and stylish safe.


  1. There is very less space for storage.
  2. The inner surface of the safe is rough and might lead to scratches if not placed properly.
  3. The wiring of the safe is not proper.

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Godrej New Stilo Electronic Safe (Black)3. Godrej New Stilo Electronic Safe (Black)

Godrej New Stilo Electronic Safe (Black) is a basic featured safe with all important features inbuilt such as motorized powered bolts and the memory which can save the password even if batteries are out. There is a feature by which one can set a master password as well as can override mechanically in case of forgot password. This is perfectly safe for all households.

Built & Design

Godrej New Stilo Electronic Safe (Black) is a comparatively big safe/locker with a capacity of about 14 liters and weighs about 11kg made of mild steel. There is a 3-6 digit password which is better protected by a master key. The safe is made of steel metal and the interior is carpeted with enhanced battery life and low battery indication.


Godrej New Stilo Electronic Safe (Black) is a great electronic safe with ease to accommodate and also digitally equipped so as to protect the valuables. This electronic safe of Godrej is a best seller and preferred by different commercial spaces. These safes are simple and generic and can be attached to the cabinet of any commercial space and are hence preferred.


  1. Enough storage space.
  2. Budget-friendly.
  3. Easy to install.


  1. Good for storing small things.
  2. Batteries are not included.

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Godrej Taurus Electronic Safe (Ivory)4. Godrej Taurus Electronic Safe (Ivory)

Godrej Taurus Electronic Safe (Ivory)  is the perfect safe for financial institutions, hotels, schools, hospitals etc and can be easily fitted in your cupboards, dressing tables etc. The Safes automatically shuts down in case of the wrong password. There are two motorized bolts and is made in such a way that can be kept anywhere in your house. It is very recommendable and perfectly safe for any household and can be kept anywhere there is also a carpet inside the safe which makes them look more decent and the commodities inside are unaffected.

Built & Design

Godrej Taurus Electronic Safe (Ivory) is a cuboid-shaped safe/locker with interior carpet and has motorized shooting bolts for the protection.  It also includes low battery indicator to indicate low in battery along with nonvolatile memory which doesn’t erase the password even if the battery is low. The locking mechanism is digitally equipped. It is a perfect electronic safe/locker for all purposes.


Godrej Taurus Electronic Safe (Ivory) is a bestselling electronic safe/locker and caters to most of the requirements. It is made of strong metal body and has enough room for storing all the valuables. This electronic safe/locker is a good option for commercial spaces as it has enough room and is also perfect to fix in the cupboard or cabinet. Godrej Taurus Electronic Safe (Ivory) is the perfect option for the storage of valuables.


  1. Manual is present for guidance.
  2. The safe has enough storage space.
  3. Godrej provides free installation.


  1. One bolt is missing from the safe/locker
  2. Carpet is present only on one shelf.
  3. Manual is locked inside the safe.

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Godrej E-Laptop Pro Electronic Safe (Ivory)5. Godrej E-Laptop Pro Electronic Safe (Ivory)

Godrej E-Laptop Pro Electronic Safe (Ivory) is a safe vault with powered motors where passwords can be overridden in case of forgot password. If there are consecutive wrong passwords the machine freezes. It can be enabled with the master password. The data can be retrieved by USB. There is a carpet spread inside the safe.

Built & Design

Godrej E-Laptop Pro Electronic Safe (Ivory) is another perfect safe from Godrej and was basically designed to store all the valuables as well as the e-devices like laptops to secure data. The cuboid-shaped safe is made of mild steel and is operated by a 3-6 digit password. There is a low battery indication and the non-volatile memory doesn’t forget the password even if the battery is low. The safe is enabled with a master password and hence the operation is quite safe and protected.


Godrej E-Laptop Pro Electronic Safe (Ivory) is an overall great utility safe to store data and is also a bestseller and the reason is in today’s world data is very important and needs to be protected in the form of drives or even disks. this safe also has provision for charging so that it doesn’t get discharged. Godrej E-Laptop Pro Electronic Safe (Ivory) is thus recommended for this kind of utility.


  1. User-friendly.
  2. Enough space to store the valuables.
  3. The instruction manual is easy to follow.


  1. Body built is of poor quality.
  2. The screws might need some assistance.

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Best Electronic Lockers Buying Guide

There are however certain factors to be considered before purchasing your Electronic Lockers at home:-

1. Budget Friendly

It is true that you need to protect your hard earned money and other stuff but you definitely don’t desire to spend a fortune for that. The electronic safes are available online and are offered within a range of 4k to 15k depending upon the specifications offered.

2. User-Friendly

Electronic lockers are definitely a gift from technology and are run using various in-built technology some can be operated using password whereas few are high-end safes and are operated by retina or laptop connectivity. These should be user-friendly so that you don’t confuse and end in frustration.

3. Compact

In today’s world of neutral families, no one wishes for a huge locker taking a lot of space in the bedroom as it is not something to be exposed rather something to be hidden somewhere in your room away from many eyes. It should be of small size to be kept inside your cupboard or almirah.

4. Durable

It is the only factor desired before purchasing any home appliance as it is not feasible to purchase a safe again and again as they usually cost a lot and hence avoid going for basic safes rather look for the one which has got the highest positive reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some of the frequently asked questions that’ll help you clear doubt to find the best electric locker/safe for your home:

1. How safe are the electronic lockers?

The electronic safes/lockers are digitally equipped and are safe to be kept at your cupboard to store your precious things so as to protect them from being lost or stolen. This new technology helps in keeping thieves away from your hard earned wealth. These appliances are of great utility and help a lot in storing wealthy possessions.

2. Is it important to be fixed inside the cupboard?

The electronic safe is not like other appliance which we like to be visible to others it is something better to be hidden so it is suggested to be placed inside the cupboard, however one can even keep it on a small table or any other desired place however make sure it is placed in a safe place to keep it away from the reach of unsafe hands.

3. What is the best brand for an electronic locker in India?

In India, the best brand for the electronic safe is Godrej which offers a wide range of safes/lockers depending on your requirement and amount of things need to be stored. Godrej is a reputed brand and has been serving to the needs of the users for quite a long time.

4. Is there any mobile safe/locker that can be traveled with?

Most of the electronic safes are fixed kind that is it cannot be traveled with however the Godrej goldilocks personal safe is very light weighted and can be easily traveled with. This light weighed safe/locker is convenient for those who need a convenient place to store their ids, cards, and few expensive pieces of jewelry.

Best Electronic Lockers Buying Tips

The best buying tips for electronic lockers are as follows:

1. Convenience

The lockers are of various types depending on the requirement they are as follows:

1. Electronic Safes – These are the most common safes/lockers present in most households or even commercial spaces. These are easy to use and store all your valuables inside them. They are usually digitally operated and password protected. These costs around Rs 5000/- and are easily available in the market.

2. Fire-resistant Safes –  The fire resistant safes are usually heavier and are used to store documents or DVDs that need to be protected and can withstand up to 175F. They can protect the documents and other valuables from fire. These are usually found in government officials where data needs to be protected from all kinds of calamities.

3. Burglary resistant Safes – The burglary resistant safes are usually present in banks or other commercial places like jewelry shops where the safes are protected by an alarm which if handled by any unsafe person starts honking to alert all of the theft.

4. Data Storage Safes – These safes are used to store devices such as laptops, microchips, sd cards where there is light as well as an allotment for charging so that they can be used once taken out. These are usually required to store important data and keep them secured from unsafe hands.

Hence before making any decision, one should look at the requirements so as to make a wise decision before purchasing. This helps in not wasting your hard earned money making a wrong decision.

2. Size

In commercial places, the safes/lockers are usually of more capacity as compared to the electronic safes which are perfect to store less quantity of valuables. Hence the size is also to be considered before making the choice as in case of a wrong decision will lead to the purchasing of another safe/locker.

3. Mobile/Fixed

Some of us are frequent travelers and love to drive all around the world with our valuables and most of the restrooms do not come with locker facilities and in such a case its good to carry a mobile safe or locker with you such as Godrej Goldilocks. It’s very important to have a safe/locker according to your requirements so that it comes handy to you.

4. Purpose

It is advisable to decide the utility or purpose of the locker before purchasing it so that the money invested on the safe/locker is not wasted. The amount invested is your hard earned money and it’s better that you make a wise choice before making any final deal.

Electronic Safes/Lockers Technology – How Does it Work???

The Electronic Safes/Lockers mostly come with an advanced digital lock system which is password protected and opens only if the password punched is correct. In case of any mismatch the locker will say wrong password but however, if you seem to forget the password you can reset the password using the safety question or the key which should always be kept outside the safe.

The working of the locker can be understood by the following video where the easy steps have been explained starting from installation to the working of the locker.

Or else if you want to buy the electronic lockers of your choice, click on the Buy Now link below to visit Amazon to buy it or to learn more about it.


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