An Apple a Day Eats The Doctor Away, you probably heard this quote an endless number of times. But, when having an apple comes to our mind, we perceive that it only be eaten raw straight from the fruit basket, quickly in this post, we are going to break this myth. Today, we’ll be discussing five incredibly savoury apple recipes that your kids will love, and your hubby will fall for. So, why think or rethink, have a piece of pen and paper and jot down the recipes…

Best Apple Recipes

1. Apple Pie

If you just cannot rate yourself in the category of foodies, if you haven’t tasted apple pieces for once, it is a classic comfort food around the globe. This essential autumn desert has a lip-smacking yet sweet taste with a magnetizing smell that will make you crave more. The apple recipe has a myriad of recipe variations — such as cheddar apple piece, caramel apple pie, and spiced bourbon apple pie— without the code of the most authentic taste.

2. Apple Butter

First thing, there is no high-fat butter in the recipe; instead, it’s the smooth & delectable apple puree. However, preparing this butter takes some time, first stick some apples into the crockpot with vanilla extract, brown & white sugar, with a dash of salt. Let it sit for several days, stirring occasionally, and then you’ll have the healthy and toothsome apple butter. You can do so much with apple butter, right from spreading it on morning pop-up toasts to dipping muffins and biscuits.

3. Apple Cake

Whether you are hosting a social get together for some of your relatives or planning to surprise your love of life with a homemade cake, then apple cake with its irrespective smell could be a great option. The overall texture is soft & juicy, and power-packed with the goodness of apples. The sprinkle of cinnamon to the apple out of the oven makes it even more exciting. This heavenly treat is a perfect after-dinner dessert.

4. Caramel Apples

This one is a big win for all kinds of parties, especially during the Christmas and New Year Celebration. The caramel apples are quite easy to prepare; all you require is caramel sauce and some fresh apples. This can be made with common kitchen available ingredients or try it at a nearby bakeshop. Children are most fond of Caramel Apples, so it’s not the moment to think or rethink, but surprise your kids.

5. Apple Chips

The Apple chips are a healthy alternative to potato chips for Netflix binge-watching or a treat for your sweet tooth after dinner. The low-heat baked, these apple slices are an incredible way to fill your tummy, once they are cool. You need to add cayenne pepper & chile powder for a spicy twist.

6. Hasselback Apples

Simple and easy to prepare, the twist on the apple crumble is incredibly tasteful. This recipe involves cinnamon sugar between the layers for crispy and juicy texture, and on top has a dollop of ice cream. If you have an allergy to gluten, then you can substitute it for gluten-free oats.

7. Fried Apples

This dish turns the slices of apples into a side dish for a roasted chicken or breakfast treat. First, the apples are sliced, then sauteed into the cinnamon sauce, sugar butter, until it becomes tender, it’s so quick & easy. An amazing topping of vanilla ice cream isn’t a bad option.

8. Apple Bavarian Torte

This torte is prepared in a springform pan. The key ingredients of this dish include apple deck, almonds, and cream cheese.  You can have this dessert with your kids during these summer holidays. In a springform pan, press the crust mix sugar, vanilla, butter, and flour. In another medium bowl, beat eggs, cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla, and then toss sliced apples. Put it in microwave oven for ten minutes, until this dish appears somewhat brownish.

9. Apple Dumplings

The apple dumplings are a popular dessert prepared by our nannies on special occasions. These dumplings are warm, flaky, and drizzled with a sauce and bake them right. Serve it warm with whipped cream.

10. Sangria

Oh, la la! This summer, keep yourself hydrated with sangria. There are thousands of recipes of sangrias, both alcoholic and nonalcoholic. To substitute tannins, sweetness, and acidity of red wine, have a fusion of pomegranate juice & black tea. Don’t forget to add a few cinnamon sticks for a slight subtle spice and orange juice for sweetness. Then just turn on your air conditioner and sip this refreshing drink.

Would you think about these apple recipes, share your opinion with us in the comment section. Or, in case you too have a recipe to recommend, don’t feel timid and have your say!

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