This sandwich maker has all the qualities you expect from it. It has stylish design, is portable because of its small size and has an impressive performance to boast of. It has steadily been able to establish a name for itself in the competitive market of sandwich makers.


This small stylish body can make 2 sandwiches at a time. It has a non stick layer to prevent the sandwiches form getting stuck to it. It has a cool body feature so that you don’t accidently burn yourself while operating it on an everyday basis.

Perhaps the most distinct feature of this appliance is that it has got interchangeable plates so you can make sandwiches back to back without stopping to clean the plates.

Base support has also been provided and there’s also a cord winder feature at the bottom so you don’t have leave the cord lying around like that.


It has a 700W motor that makes all the toasted and grilled sandwiches for you. It also has a ready to cook neon indicator and power ON neon indicator to tell when the device is heated enough and ready to cook and when it is on or off. It also has waffle making facility as well which will appeal to quite a few people.

You can also make barbeque in its flat bed provided in the main body.  Warranty of 1 year also means that you are protected against many defects as the 1st year is when most problems occur.


This appliance despite its small size has been of great service to its customers. It may not be suited to meet the demands of your entire family but it can comfortably meet the requirements of a few individuals like working professionals living alone.  The changeable plates and ability to make waffles has greatly improved its standing among sandwich makers in the market.

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