This premium feel, top mixer grinder has an impressive design and an equally impressive performance. With this in your kitchen mixing, grinding will never be the same again. It has a total of three jars which are able to tackle all the requirements of its users. It is a low price Mixer Grinder which is within your budget considering what you get in return. 


The body is stylish looking with plastic lid covers adding premium feel to the jars. The build quality is also very nice and holds properly during heavy operation as intended. The stainless steel used in the jars has a big role in this success.

Its grinding feature is one of the best in the market so wet grinding, dry grinding, chutney grinding and even mincing is superb. The lids though don’t have a lock feature so you have to hold them while operating it during heavy duty operations. 


The 500W motor comes with speed adjustor knob that allows you to control motor speed depending on juicing, mixing, grinding task you have in mind. It makes quite a sound though when under load, sometimes loud enough to drive a wedge between you and your neighbours but that’s a very rare occurrence.

Blades are good and hard enough to cut through tough food items like seeds. It has a fast & quality grinding so grinding items like zeera, sugar, oranges, coconut & rice is very easy with the output being really good & appreciable.


Overall this appliance has won customers world over. They are ready to forgive its minor faults due to its overwhelmingly many good qualities. In this price range you will not find a better mixer grinder with this kind of performance and design. Customers realize this at that’s why this appliance is selling a lot.

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