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Air Fryers are new home appliances that has been established in Indian Market which is capable of frying using very little amount of oil or as we say Zero oil. This appliance claims to save your calories and fries the food with very oil without disturbing the taste. Now before purchasing the best air fryer one needs to verify about the brands and the after-sales services. Here are some of the brands of best air fryers in India including brief descriptions and their related links as follows:

Best Air Fryer Brands in India


It is a Dutch Technology brand and has its headquarters in Amsterdam. It was founded on 15 May 1891 by Gerard Philips and Frederik Philips. This brand has focused on the field of electronics, lighting, and healthcare. It was the worlds largest manufacturer in the year 2013 revenues. In India Philips is like a mother brand for all electronics and lighting and we often don’t even care about the product specs by just looking at the brand. The Philips Air Fryer is the best Fryer available in Indian Market. The after sales services is best for this brand. You can click on the below link to view some air fryers of Philips.

View all Philips Air Fryers>>


It is a subsidiary of Videocon which was founded in 1979 by Venugopal Dhoot. The headquarters are at Mumbai. This brand has 15 sites all over the world including India. Kenstar is a brand of home appliances by company Kitchen Appliances India Limited at 1996. It manufactures all home appliances like Television, air coolers, water heaters, air fryers etc. The kenstar Air Fryer comes with oxy frying Technology which used rapid air heating to fry the food. This is the second most popular brand in this category. You can click on the below link to view some air fryers of Kenstar.

View all Kenstar Air Fryers>>

American Micronic

This is an American brand based in production and supply of high-quality product and technology. They are engaged in producing many home appliances for Indian Market one of which is an Air Fryer. This Air Fryer is budget friendly and available for all kinds of consumers in Indian Market. This is the third most demanded brand for air Fryers in India. You can click on the below link to view some air fryers of American Micronic.

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This brand was set up in 1996 and this brand is engaged in manufacturing and supply of healthcare and household appliances. This brand by the name itself has a great reputation in the Indian Market and are trusted by millions of users. The air fryer is the fourth most demanded air fryer and is not the only budget-friendly but also reliable and easy to use. This compact beauty is just perfect for your purpose. It is capable of making all kinds of fries. You can click on the below link to view some air fryers of Prestige.

View all Prestige Air Fryers>>


This brand is engaged in manufacturing home appliances and was established in 1978 in South Korea. All kinds of home appliances like cookers, air fryers etc. The best thing about this brand is its price. The low cost of the appliances makes it more approachable towards the consumers. The Pigeon Air Fryer is very easy to use and cost effective with a lot of in-built features. The after sales services of this fryer is also not questionable. You can click on the below link to view some air fryers of Prestige.

View all Prestige Air Fryers>>




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