Putting it all together to create that perfect home is never easy. There are lot of details that one needs to think through before making any changes. Here are a few basics that can give you a quick head start.

1) To begin with, you need to observe the personalities that are residing in the house. All the themes, colors etc. that you use should reflect the personalities of the people who live there. If it’s just you then you need to look at yourself and see what would be your choice. In case of couples, you may have to take into consideration contrasting personalities and choices. A balance in terms of design and colors will be required in these cases.

2) Home décor and design books are a good source for you to start your research work. These will stimulate your thought process. Instead of just looking at a blank wall, you may get a lot of help in framing the designs and conceptualizing the colors while browsing through these magazines. You may choose a room as inspiration that can act as your guide for further thinking.

3) The one thing that you must spend a good amount of time is the color of the walls, for these will set the tone for the room. You can start with your favorite colors. However, you do need to consider the furniture or the fabrics that are already in the room or the ones that you will be getting. You may always go back to your design books and magazines to take a look at the wall color and furniture combinations. Using a picture of a room as inspiration can really make your job easy.

4) While placing the furniture in your room, you must pay attention to the space. Your room should not look too cluttered nor should it look sparsely filled. You can continue to arrange and rearrange till the placements look just right.

5) To give finishing touches to your room, you may add accent pieces. A crystal vase with some flowers or a potted plant may be a couple of things that give life and color to your room. They also bring a certain element of freshness in the room. Additionally, photo frames, paintings and posters are evergreen accessories for accentuating your walls and rooms.

In the end, don’t think too hard. If it is something that suits your style and soothes your eyes, just go for it.

About the Author: Disha Shengale

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