Before planning to install a new kitchen into your home, you must surf through the numerous kitchen design ideas that are readily available all over the web and also off it.

In terms of getting the design right, a kitchen is as important part of the house as is the bathroom. Along with the living room, the kitchen is one space in the house that gets the highest footfall. Especially when you are staying with a family. A substantial part of your day is spent in the kitchen. In such cases it becomes of utmost importance that the design is right, else even a single flaw may bug you the entire time.

My advice would be that you must indulge in a thorough research before you head into a kitchen design store. Your clear vision and focused ideas will make you a strong prospect in the eyes of the salesman. This will not just result in the salesman showing you some interesting ideas but may also get you a great deal.

Now, you can find these ideas in several places such as home magazines, home and furniture showrooms, do-it-yourself stores or websites. You may also take inspiration from some of your friends’ beautifully done kitchens. You must zero in on at least a couple of designs through these sources.

Here’s a list of some of the most popular kitchen styles to give you a head start –

Colonial – This style may also be called country or American. It gives your kitchen a quiet yet attractive farm look. Key features – colorful cabinets, open shelves, racks for pots and a general warmness of a well lived in place.

Modern – The style here is more clean and simple. The design is sophisticated yet practical. Key Features – futuristic look for cabinets, no elaborate carvings.

Shaker – An absolute simple style with panel doors that are flat, countertops of wood and hardware made up of brass. It is more utility than anything else.

French Style – This is a more elaborate style with excessive use of wood. Key Features – soft colors, large furniture with traditional carvings.

Artistic – One of the most popular designs currently there is use of glass. Key Features – glass doors and natural wood tones with matte finish.

Last word – whichever design you choose, it must gel with the overall color and style themes used in your house in general.

Good Luck!

About the Author: Disha Shengale

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