Are you bored of entering the same mundane room each evening after work? Are you looking for some quick and easy on the pocket tips to liven up your room? Here are ten ideas to get you started –

1. Move that wood – Give your muscles a little flex and change the arrangement of your furniture. You can try out different angles to place that settee. Start off by interchanging the positions.

2. Add a dash of color – Get drenched in your favorite color. Paint one of the walls with that one color that you love the most. To make the wall interesting, put up some pieces of art or place a piece of furniture along it. Try and match this color with the curtains and a few other articles in the room.

3. Nature to your rescue – Place a small plant on your window sill. If the real thing cannot find a place in your haven, you can also try an artificial one. This adds a freshness to the surroundings.

4. Place a rug – Jazz up your floor with a bright, right sized rug. Try a color and design that compliments a wall. You can place it below that table to double up as a low sitting area.

5. Art – You can spice up your walls with some pictures. Try something that matches your personality. Elaborate frames add character. You can also hang a mirror that reflects an interesting angle.

6. Decorative statuettes – Find a suitable area and place related objects together. You can play around with the sizes.

7. Cushion cover – Try out different textures and patterns of cushions to brighten up your room. You can also try different sizes.

8. Coloured Lamps – you can try different shapes, patterns and colours for lamps in your room. Change them and the colour of the light to change the mood of your room.

9. Throw it in – Not unlike cushions, you can try adding up some throws to your room. Try out different styles and patterns.

10. Tidy up – Arrange things that are lying astray into boxes and shelves. Tidy up the room to enhance the ambience.

Use these quick tips to enliven any room at your home.

About the Author: Disha Shengale

Disha ShengaleHi, I’m Disha and I’m the author of this blog. I started this blog back in 2013 because of my own frustrations in finding honest and unbiased reviews of best appliances for my home. Most of the blogs I found back then were either from outside India or had very low quality content with improper or absolutely no research. That led me to do my own research which in turn gave birth this blog. Learn more >>.