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Panasonic MC-CG303 Vacuum Cleaner Review


This small trendy, efficient vacuum cleaner has all the qualities you want in a vacuum cleaner. It has been designed keeping in mind the various forms of dust we have to encounter in our everyday.

It’s very efficient without compromising on cleaning abilities. It’s very easy to handle as well so you won’t get tired cleaning around your house with it.


It has a premium build quality which feels very nice to handle and work with. It’s lightweight so it’s very easy to handle. It has got various attachments with it which further improving it’s cleaning abilities.

It’s extra wand plastic means that you will never have to exert yourself too much to clean the floors. The large wheels at the end means that movement is never an issue while cleaning.


On the first look this stylish, trendy looking vacuum cleaner may look suitable for odd jobs and not for serious cleaning but don’t let it’s looks fool you. It has all the ingredients of a larger cleaner. It’s motor can suck all the dust particles you can throw at it. It can even take in the dust present in the air when it is disturbed off objects.

On the downside it’s motor does make a lot of noise which can become an issue but since it does such a good job,this flaw can be overlooked. It’s blower feature also helps in cleaning dirt from crevices. It has a dust bag which was be cleaned easily when required.


Overall this is a great vacuum cleaner that works as good as larger vacuum cleaner. It’s gorgeous looks makes it even better. It has all the qualities you need in a vacuum cleaner, great price, plenty features, good looking.

So go ahead buy it, it will make you pretty happy.

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