Best Microwave Brands Online in India 2017

The microwave ovens are important home appliances and nowadays fulfill the requirements of every household. The microwave ovens are not only used for baking cakes or cookies but are also used as fast ovens where we can reheat cooked food at times we are tired which is a great utility. Here are some of the brands of best microwave ovens in India including brief descriptions and their related links as follows:

Best Microwave Brands in India


IFB Home Appliances was set up in Goa in 1974 and has provided and manufactured various home appliances for almost four decades. All kinds of appliances like washing machines, microwave ovens,dishwashers etc are provided by this group. IFB microwave ovens are the bestsellers in the category  and comes with all modern technology required in an oven.You can click  on the below link to view some microwave ovens of IFB.

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Morphy Richards

It has its headquarters in Swinton Meadows and was founded in July 8, 1936 and has its specialization in home appliances like induction oven, kettles, coffee makers ,food processors etc. These beauties are perfect machines and are waiting to be a part of your home. These ovens are smart and are perfect home appliances .You can click  on the below link to view some microwave ovens of Morphy Richards.

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It is a multi-national group and was founded in 1 March, 1938 by Lee Buyong Chul and it includes food processing,textiles, insurance,securities,retails etc. The Samsung has become an important brand in the field of home appliance and also guarantees the quality and product efficiency. The Samsung brand is a mother brand of all home appliances and also assures about the quality and service . You can click on the below link to view some microwave ovens of Samsung.

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The Godrej group has its headquarters in Mumbai and was set up in 1897 by Ardeshir Godrej and had its establishments in the fields of real estate , consumer products, industrial engineering, furnitures,security and agricultural products. The Godrej Microwaves come with the green concept to save power consumption. It is a perfect appliance suiting all the requirements. You can click on the below link to view some microwave ovens of Godrej.

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Whirlpool was founded in Nov 11, 1911 and has its headquarters in Benton harber , Michigan by Louis Upton . It is world’s largest appliance maker and is engaged in manufacturing home appliances like washing machines, television, air conditioners, etc. Whirlpool microwave oven comes with trendy designs specially in attractive colours like white and grey. They have great market reputation. You can click  on the below link to view some microwave ovens of Whirlpool.

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The LG group was founded in 5th January 1947 and has its headquarters in LG twin towers , Seoul by Koo in-Hwoi. The LG has its industry in electronics,chemicals,and telecom products. LG has become an important brand in India and has earned a lot of consumers because of its after sales services. You can click  on the below link to view some microwave ovens of LG.

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