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Karcher T7/1 Vacuum Cleaner Review


Karcher products are known for their ability to combine sturdy build quality and innovative technology. This vacuum cleaner is a testament to that. It is economical and environmentally friendly as well. This is a compact, potent vacuum cleaner that has all the qualities of a world class vacuum cleaner.

Standard accessories include a sufficiently long metallic suction tube (2 telescopic tubes), long suction hose, fleece filter bag, washable nylon filter, and floor tool. For an additional price, one can order the crevice tool, carpet tool, and a cleaning tool for curtains and cushions.


It is a compact, moderate weight machine with a large container capacity. The dust bucket can be cleaned with ease by flipping the clamps holding the top down, remove it, lift and remove the fleece filter and there you have the dust bag waiting to be cleaned.

The appliance has 4 castor wheels with the front ones being steerable making it very easy to manoeuvre around furniture. Then large power switch is bright yellow in colour and is feather touch so is easily operable by the elderly as well. Its impact resistant bumper is very helpful in preventing damage to the main body if it collides with the furniture while cleaning.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download


This device is capable of taking in a lot of dust in an efficient manner. The powerful and efficient motor does not make much noise and doesn’t heat up after prolonged use so you can clean the entire house in a single sitting with exerting much effort.

The 3 stage filtration system is capable of holding 3 times more dust than your average dust bag. It also makes sure that the air being pumped out is clean and free of dirt. Being washable, cleaning it is also hassle free. Blower feature also ensures that cleaning dust & dirt from those hard to reach places is very easy.


Overall the build quality, plastics used, operations and the assembly of the whole body is top notch which is expected from a German company of this standard. If you buy this vacuum cleaner, you will be immensely please with your decision.

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