5 Best Electronic Safes/Lockers Online in India 2017

Electronic safes are very important nowadays as everyday reports of thefts are filled in various cities. Its very common that there is gold and emergency cash in your home and you keep on worrying about losing them even at holidays. However in this case there is a savior appliance that can keep you tension free and you dont even need to rush to banks and stand in queues for lockers. We have brought down the list of exclusive safes/lockers for you in this post which you can purchase online. There are however certain factors to be considered before purchasing your Electronic Safes/Lockers at home:-

1.Budget Friendly:  It is true that you need to protect your hard earned money and other stuff but you definitely dont desire to spend a fortune for that. The electronic safes are available online and are offered within a range of 4k to 15k depending upon the specifications offered.

2.User Friendly: Electronic safes are definitely a gift from technology and is run using various in built technology some can be operated using password whereas few are high end safes and are operated by retina or laptop connectivity. These should be user friendly so that you dont confuse and end in frustration,.

3.Compact: In today’s world of neutral families no one wishes for a huge locker taking a lot of space in the bedroom as it is not something to be exposed rather something to be hidden somewhere in your room away from many eyes. It should be of small size to be kept inside your cupboard or almirah.

4.Durable: It is the only factor desired before purchasing any home appliance as it is not feasible to purchase a safe again and again as they usually cost a lot and hence avoid going for basic safes rather look for the one which has got the highest positive reviews.

5 Best Electronic Safes/Lockers Online in India are as follows:-

Following are some of the best Safes/Lockers online in India

  1. Godrej Access Electronic Safe (SEEC9060)

    Godrej Access Electronic Safe (SEEC9060) is the best selling electronic safe and the reason is that it comes with all the basic features required in a safe like LED display screen , memory to remember even if the battery is taken out, bolts of solid steel, and also a technology to protect you in case of forgot password. This is the most recommended safe and is perfect for average Indian families.

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  2. Godrej Goldilocks Personal Safe (2.2 Liters)

    Godrej Goldilocks Personal Safe (2.2 Liters) is a perfect personal safe which can be carried from one place to another even while you are travelling. It has a touch screen and safety is not compromised anyhow such that an alarm starts automatically if someone tries to carry it away or break into it. All the personal utility things like keys or chequebooks,jewellery as well as cash can be organised here.

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  3. Godrej New Stilo Electronic Safe (Black)

    Godrej New Stilo Electronic Safe (Black) is a basic featured safe with all important features inbuilt such as motorised powered bolts and the memory which can save the password even if batteries are out. There is a feature by which one can set master password as well as can override mechanically in case of forgot password. This is a perfect safe for all households.

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  4. Godrej Taurus Electronic Safe (Ivory)

    Godrej Taurus Electronic Safe (Ivory)  is the perfet safe for financial institutions, hotels, schools, hospitals etc and can be  easily fitted in your cupboards, dressing tables etc. The Safes automatically shuts down in case of wrong password. There is two motorised bolts and is made in such a way that can be kept anywhere in your house. It is very recommendable and a perfect safe for any household and can be kept anywhere there is also a carpet inside the safe which makes the look more decent and the commodities inside are unaffected.

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  5. Godrej E-Laptop Pro Electronic Safe (Ivory)

    Godrej E-Laptop Pro Electronic Safe (Ivory) is a safe vault with powered motors where passwords can be overriden in case of forgot password . If there is consecutive wrong passwords the machine freezes. It can be enabled with master password. The data can be retrieved by USB. There is a carpet layed inside the safe.

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    Or else if you want to buy the electronic safe of your choice, click on the Buy Now link below through  the respective ecom stores to buy it or to learn more about it.


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